::Siblings Taught – I Learned::

With the kind of siblings I have, each moment of my life has been a series of action packed learning…

Miss 007 –highly influenced by James bond and Tahkikaat, the detective-detective game – knowingly or unknowingly – was always played in our household …

Way back in 90’s my intelligent self solved the first case- the lost Chips of Boruah’ville 😛 … I would usually save chocolates and chips to be relished later on, only to find them missing everytime… My super observant brain that day started functioning and extra sensitive nose sniffed around the house to find the culprits … who were found crunching their way to glory under my bed. A wriggle of ear was enough to make them confess to all their crimes. Later on this self proclaimed 007 agent solved many more mysterious cases – Serial ‘Milk powder’ thief , Kid’Teddy’nappers, the case of Broken Sofa

The Karate Kid Classes – advantage of having siblings is you can learn defence, attack, a perfect front kick, lethal side kick, powerful punches – absolutely free free free… black eyes and hair loss – are some things which we learned to deal with at a very young age. Not to forget the art of throwing chairs , soaps, Shampoo, Bournvita bottles , shoes and socks with high precision. Mom and Dad were specifically instructed to stay away from the danger zone. Those were my first classes on Self Defence.

Patience –then there was a time when my siblings made my clothes and cosmetics play hide and seek with me… I would be at wits end to figure out their sudden disappearances… and then one day when walked my dahling sister in an adorable skirt and my Brother smelling like a strawberry ice cream that I became aware of the reason. With the type of fiery temper I have, it was because of the parental intervention that our teeth and jaws are still intact. 😀 Those were my first practical classes on Patience.

No No to Ego – if you are eldest of the three siblings who refuse to grow up even in third year of their college, having an Ego is an unforgivable crime 😀 . Yes, its me who needs to apologize if I scold my Dear Bro for spending 10k in 1 week and if he’s angry, I should coax him to smile 🙂  … same goes for my dramebaaz sister too. Their anger is absolutely justified if we don’t wish them every day early morning for their exams… and by any chance if we forget to hug them when they arrive from hostel … God save the house hold 😛 My parents still wonder if we have moved out of our teenage days 😛 When people talk about Ego, I have to grab a dictionary to search its meaning.

20+ years I have shared with my siblings, and that doesn’t only involve our DNA… As I sit here, alone, reminiscing all those moments, I just realized how much I miss them.

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  1. We are six brothers and no sisters. Our household looked like a war zone most of the time. At the same time, if one person does something wrong other brothers create alibi and save him.

  2. Awww…This was so sweet! I am sure your siblings will treasure this post if they were to come across it! 🙂

    PS: I am an only child and thus end up torturing the strangest of people 😐

  3. haha..nice nice..really nice post..enjoyed it

    Ya know..What surprised me was..
    I had my headphones on..and the song from "Fire Flies- OWL CITY" started playing and..wow!!

    That was a real bonus apart from such a nice writeup..cool..real cool

  4. Siblings are alwys the first enemies !!! and the first best friend 🙂 Btw even I used to be guinea pig for my brother who was taking taekwondo classed 🙁

  5. great scribblings and a gud lessons to be learned. Its a gr8 step towards leadin a gud life. I would suggest 1 more thing can i? "You should always keep your eyes and ears open, can't predict from where ve can see or hear something interesting"



  6. growing up , My biggest challenge were my sisters with whom I never could understand anything . They are still a puzzle . They scold me . the beat me , They critisize me . They even dont help me find a girl to marry ! Yet they claim to …love ME !! Talk about ironies of life ! Atleast you are a good sister !!

  7. Sibling rivalry do generate those magical memories as u grow up.. those pranks and fights are precious memories and evoke a sense of nostalgia..

    wonderfully penned and that album speaks a thousand words itself..:)

  8. So sweet of u …

    U know everyone in this world we sshare things we choose them who our friends are who is our life partner is but the only people we don't choose Are our siblings they complete and stand beside as a wall of hope ..

    Well u are some James bond to be 🙂 sniffed out lot of thi gs and solved so many cases 🙂

    Everything is fun and happy when sis and bro are around wish u could be with them all the time .. Don't feel bad u will meet all of them soon

    Have a gud night and a gr8 week ahead


  9. awww so sweet…

    You were quite violent. In our house we are three sisters so all fights were only verbal with abuses like stupid,idiot, donkey & monkey and of course hiding and using each other's stuff goes without saying 🙂

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