::Raining Awards again::

Its raining Awards again. Thank you all the beautiful people out there for showing so much kindness and encouragement on my blogs.
Jingle has bestowed on me a number of lovely colorful awards. You too can participate in her thurday Poet’s rally… just leave a comment in her blog 🙂

The Most Influential Poet Award
The Most Important Poet Award

The Most Supportive Poet Award
Some more awards …. I would like all my readers and commenters to accept the following two awards award 🙂
Best Friends Forever Award                                               Love is Precious Award
The following Family awards I got in Family Friday Post by Jingle

Family is important award                                            The most intelligent fairy award

You made my day award                                                 You make my blog smile award
Lovely Shakira had gifted me with these awards.
Especially for you                                                                    Friendship Award
Big Heart Award
Spring Awards by Shakira 
The following awards were gifted to me by Meghana –  the awesome chulbully poet
You are so special award                                                       Hot Blog Awards
Your blog rock awards by Sharmista
Thank you everyone 🙂

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