::Bits of Craziness::

Heights of Mindless Moments

Standing outside the door of my house… with my office Access card in hand… wondering why there was no beep sound when I tried to swipe it near the door bell … and why the heck the door wasn’t opening…

Absently mind’ly entered my company’s Employee id in place gmail id, and when it showed wrong password … cursed the whole population of hackers…



Heights of Farmville’ism

Desperately called my friend, in the middle of the night, to feed my farm dog Roxy, ‘cause the electrical supply just found the right time to say Good night … and also because if not fed within one day, my poor hungry Dog would run away …

My adorable friend sensing my pitiable condition replied with the same enthusiasms that she would definitely feed him and gift a Kibble – dog food too… how sweet!!!!

Crashing Language Barriers

A series of chain mails were in progress… discussing some of the earth saving and highly controversial topics – like whether a Buffalo can be female or not … around 6 of us were literally crashing the Outlook server… somehow in between the conversation started in hindi … we realised when one of our Tamil friend replied –
“Kaya email hai,
Kaya bakwaas hai
Kaya chudel hai
Kaya kuch hai

Abi deko may hindi bolo
Kuch kuch hota hi, dil tho pagal hai, kabi kushi kabi khum ” …
and there was another instance … when three of us were chatting on office communicator
Friend 1 : {jokingly in Tamil } … Naayi something something maathiri [Naayi = Dog, Maathiri = Like]
Friend 2: something something … hehehe something
Me       : {blink blink … } tamil teriyade, nandri, irruka, akka, see I can also speak tamil ...
{I wanted to display more of my Tamil prowess by saying Kangal Irandal, wanda, cherry … but then kept quite, in case they would be intimidated by world class knowledge inTamil }

[Tamil teriyade = I don’t know tamil, Nandri = thank you, Akka = sister, wanda = no, cherry = ok, irruka – similar to do you have i think :P]

{Btw those are the only words I learned in my 2.5 years of stay in Chennai :P}


Heights of Belief
The women in my family can be termed as Silver tongue {ink heart} in a different way… whatever they say, has the highest probability of coming true… and if it’s a negative thing, the probability increases even more…
My sister had Maths exam … her study table was a total mess… In state of my utter furiousness I cursed her that if she goes without cleaning her table, her exam is doomed …and it happened too … Till this date she’s scarred of messing her study table… She can forget to brush her teeth but never the study table…
Now it’s the other way round with me… before each exam I would frantically call my sister dearest to wish me… and each of her wish would come true… Can you believe I was All Branch Topper 2 and Branch topper once… her wish would be “whatever you studies will come in exam” … and lo behold by the end of semester my friends would flock in my room to know which part I was studying …

But the wishes would usually backfire for my brother dear 😛 now now in case anyone’s planning to kidnap our Family’s official God luck charm, I better raise some high security structures around her 😛 …


26 thoughts on “::Bits of Craziness::

  1. Nice one. Heights of mindless moments? I have done that couple of times.

    Kangal Irandal is a beautiful song. I like it.

  2. lolol!!

    I keep doing the first one time & again 😀 Once I tried swiping my card infront of the loo 😀

    And last week my hubby was depressed when his dog ran away!! So much for Farmville 😛

    Loved the post 🙂

  3. Interesting incidents.
    And guess what made me grin…
    Glad to see another one of my tribe…a FV addict!! 😛
    I can understand the panic if Roxy had run away! 😀
    It would had been so very shattering!! 🙁

  4. Last year when the global economic meltdown was at it s lowest ebb, I walked into my office a bit early one day..my access card did not blip green. My heart sank for those few mins. till the reception guy told me that the card must ve got corrupted or magnetized so it was not working. I got a replacement card..and replacement happiness !

    Good post – enjoyed reading the various episodes.

  5. Hey! Nice post! Damn funny!
    I totally understand the farmville thing huh! I play a lot of other facebook games! 😛

    And it's ok to be absent minded once in a while also! 😛

    And belated wishes for your birthday! 🙂

  6. Oh gawd that surely is addiction to farmville..I have seen it take over people's lives…

    As for the swiping car thing..I have done that too..used my Library Card numbers to access online banking 😛

  7. height of belief..works like murphy's law.:)

    I have also learned a little bit of tamil in exactly the same time..nallai,seegram,va,vanda, saaptingla:),id podum,

  8. Feeding a virtual dog?? Oh my goodness!! you are addicted to Farmville!!

    those Tamil words are pretty decent but how are you managing there in Chennai? 😛

  9. This is what happens when technology intervene our lives so much, arent we already are in virtual world 🙂

    It would be interesting to see how it turns up in future.

    The farmville dog story is cute and funny at the same time 🙂

    How u have been doing ?

  10. Owww…Now come on..Say something nice about Choco will you…Say all her current wishes will come true 😀

    PS: Your first height cracked me up…Buhahahaaaa:))
    My similar height was waving my palm under all taps and cursing it for being broke and not automatically dispensing water!

  11. Lol! really funny incidents.. 🙂

    The first incidents reminds me of ill effects of IT in our lives..:)

    Silvery tongues.. well! why not try an alternate profession of soothsayer..:)

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