::Tomorrow was never ours::

She opened the door… the door to the room of her dreams. A breeze of whispering memories wheezed past her. Fragments of her heart lay scattered all over the floor. The shelves were decorated with moments that were once theirs.

She scanned the room. Once again searching for his presence. In vain.


His fragrance – bottled in the tiny bottle of Charlie perfume, the comb he never used and the half empty after shave lotion.She smoothered the table cloth, arranging them again… perfectly …

Perfectionist he was. Ironically, that was the only thing he could never have – a perfect life.

She crossed the living room. The kitchen echoed with voices of yesterdays. The daily knick knacks on who would do the cooking, the arguments over his Fried rice and her Cauliflower curry. Nostalgia was overpowering, there was a shadow of pain in each of these moments … moments that were meant to be relished.

A stack of ash colored plastic containers stared at her… all medicines are not cure, some are just enough to borrow more time – to live.

His vaccation leave were usually meant for hospital visits. Though she had never, through her eyes, seen him cringe in pain, when the needle drill through his bone to the marrow, but had always felt the trauma in his voice. Patiently she would wait for him, to come back, to shower all the love that was contained in her heart.

Till one day when he didn’t return.

She knew her father could somehow be persuaded to overlook the state-caste factor in their relationship. But how could her parents not consider the future of their daughter. Destiny had already planned her future, her parents remained ignorant of the one person she loved more than herself.

The pregnant silence pierced through her, ripping her scarred heart. Tears of unknown solitude trickled down, smearing her hope, leaving a trail of unforgetable memories … loneliness was glaring at the window of tomorrow. A tomorrow that could never be theirs.

**Dedicated to near and dear ones of Leukamia patients.

**This is a very personal write, dedicated to the One I don’t want to loose, ever **

40 thoughts on “::Tomorrow was never ours::

  1. You know one wonders what s good time for God to show himself…but He never does, and people keep suffering…and dying.
    We live in a hope of 'someday…'

    good post.

  2. Very touching post and having been a breast cancer survivor and having lost my mom and sister to it.. I can feel the pain you have expressed so perfectly in words

  3. this was a very touching story, its sad so many people are dying with this these days, hope this does get a cure eventually, beautiful story 🙂

  4. Very touching…i lost one of my most dearest person two years back to the cruel hands of Leukemia,even though if she was a true fighter .I am not over it till this moment.

    You and your loved one have all my best wishes and prayers.

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