[Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 15]::Conspiracies of Time::

Here’s my Poem for jingle’s Thursday Poet’s Rally week 15.
Conspiracies Of time
A breeze of remembrance
ruffled distance memories
whispering soliloquies,
flickered imageries.
Beneath silky moonlight,
twirling to silver notes,
surging in passionate tide
waltzing in our dream-boats.
Since then, years have passed,
but love you, and miss you still,
wonder, how you would look now,
fishing near your favorite rill.

Daffodils- no longer flourish,
Seasons perform discord rhyme,
Tumbling leaves gently remind,
Obscure conspiracies of time.

written on : 2009-03-23
Image source: google

17 thoughts on “[Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 15]::Conspiracies of Time::

  1. Rajlakshmi…you're poem is amazing. The words you chose, the poem's structure. Your soul perspires through it. Even though the poem may be a bit sad, your love of life reflects and speaks from it as well. Really nice.

  2. That is a freaking awesome poem!!! If you don't mind me saying freaking?? 🙂

    I was very grabbed by the whole waltzing in our Dream-Boat line. And the second verse pretty-much blew me away, the way it and the sad information unfolded. Made me feel very sad. So you did your job very well!!

    So great to meet you!!

    LOVE the name of your blog — how could one not be very intrigued by a poetry wagon. Whoo-hoo. I fell off the poetry wagon. 🙂


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