Photo Blog :: Shillong Trip II

For the first part click here – Shillong Trip I
On the way to Cherrapunji

Another view point on the way.
Sadly the waterfall was was hidden by the clouds so couldnt see it.
 I went almost crazy… jumping up and down clapping hands screaming ‘Badal Badal’ when I saw the clouds embracing us… it was heavenly… divine… breathtaking…
….Looking through the clouds….
A stream flowing near the view point.
Resulting from a Mini waterfall πŸ˜€
On top of the mini waterfall πŸ˜€
Landscape of Cherrapunji…
More to come… stay tuned πŸ™‚
Source- My N73

32 thoughts on “Photo Blog :: Shillong Trip II

  1. U went to shillong,
    I've been wanting to be there for so long,
    The pictures are so nice and warm
    Makes me feel like going on and on…

    that's one of my dream destinations, have a couple of friends up there in Naga hills…

  2. I wanted to visit Cherrapunji this bihu but had to give up because of a tight schedule…feel little better after seeing these awesome pictures.Lovely post .

  3. Beautiful pictures. Lovely scenery. I have a question. I thought in Cherrapunji it rains all 365 days. But the weather is so beautiful.

  4. Achcha hey Princess…nice green green!! πŸ™‚
    Post the best wala green pic for the "Green" theme contest on the CPC wala blog!! πŸ™‚

  5. awesomefreakinglicious pics..
    aahaa bhai behene saath saath
    reminds me of hum sath saath hai :p
    awsome pics..
    and i can und ur badal badal
    wen i had been to munnar i did the same :p

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