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Let’s take a break from the photo blog and let me you tell you a story of Lucy and Lassy – the newest addition to my pet family.

Addition and subtraction is a part of our life too… Dearest Tiger’s demise was such blow to our family, especially to Dad, that we planned not to keep a dog anymore. As I entered our garden, I missed its joyful barking and welcoming embrace, only to be surprised by two quaking creatures… muddling in the mud…

Lucy and Lassy, who were meant to end up on dinner table were rescued by my Jeev-hatya-paap-hai Mom from the clutches of my Dad and since then these two quack quacks have become personal favourite of Mom. She would bath them, feed them and won’t even let us make omelette of their eggs.

There are around two containers full of eggs which she feverously protects from our greedy stomach. Her plan is to make Lucy and Lassy hatch those eggs and nurture a family of ducklings 🙄 , to the utter dismay of my dad 😀 .


Both me and Dad coaxed sister Dahling to scare mom with her Duck Virus Enteritis theories and how herpesvirus can cause fatal duck diseases… plus debating her theories with more facts and figures {Although we didn’t understand any of her scientific terminologies, she still had our whole hearte support} Let’s see how much it helps in deterring Mom from going forward with her plan of happy ducky family.

During my stay at Sister’s hostel in Guwahati, I got the chance to meet His royal Highness Golu the cat again, owned by Ashimi, sister’s friend. It seems Golu had expertise in slapping and biting and now he got a partner too- an orange cat Mojo, who’s still learning the tricks. Golu had taught Mojo how to use $h*t-box and how to cover the $h*t with sand, how to drink water from fish bowl.

Mojo being a brilliant student has learned the art pretty well. But that day we discovered it’s another hidden talent– the art of hair trimming. My sister, while she was cuddling and coochie-cooing it, received a trendy haircut by his specialized paws. Have a look.

Back to Chennai:

Our Goldfish Zack is growing into a PYT (Pretty young Thing) 😀 . My roomie got a new home for it. New pebbles, a new plastic coral, and a new plastic fish too 🙂


Thats all from my end today.


22 thoughts on “[Crazy home Affairs]::Pet’ty Tails::

  1. Its fun to read your posts. 🙂

    n That fish photo is so good that it is going to be my mobile's wallpaper for some time.. *with your permission* 😛

    Tk Cr.. 🙂

  2. I heard ducks chase strangers outta ze home.

    Even I "had" a gold fish.
    Poor thing committed suicide when Argentina lost in a footy match.

  3. Ahhh! You don't know just how heartwarming it is to stumble into a fellow animal lovers blog. *Shakes head in understanding*

    This was the cutest post ever.

    PS: Let the ducks stay. You can play chase chase with em. I have done that sometime way back in the past! 😀

  4. First time to your blog. Interesting I must say. Just saw the Shillong pics and now you've confused me with my Honeymoon plans. Damn Photoblogs! 😛

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