:: Women Around Me II ::

She was very tall, taller than most of the girls living in our cantonment. Quite, homely, highly qualified and only daughter of her parents. We went to her marriage too. A grand reception with lights and roses. The groom worked in Delhi and she shifted there, but – she was back soon. It so happened that just a day after her marriage, at the breakfast, the groom’s parents hinted that the dowry was not enough and they were expecting more. She left the house right at that moment. For a month she stayed with her parents and later secured a job for herself. My Dad got transferred and what happened to her after that is still a mystery for me.
She was never forced to learn cooking, but still she did, for a family of 6 sisters. She never had enough paper to practice the Mathematical equations, yet her dream was to obtain a degree, to be Graduate. Though married when she was in the final year of her BA degree, that didn’t thwarted her ambition. 5 months pregnant, examination center at the other end of city, husband out of station most of the time – she completed her degree, on her own. And she is proud of it and so is her family. She is more closer to me than my heart.

Look around and you will notice there are women who are actually living a life. They stood out because they had the courage to fight, to stand on their own. One doesn’t always need to quote the examples of Sarojini Naidu and Indira Gandhi for motivation.


Frankly speaking, while growing up I thought women issues were a thing of past. It was only when I started working, I realized that the contents of my social studies books are still valid. The amount of freedom and liberty that I have been exposed to sometimes make me feel if I belong to a different era. It may be because of cultural difference. Women oppression is not what I have seen around me, until I came out of the cocoon.


I don’t feel like splashing more acid with my words. Women too have a life, Respect that.

A very happy Women’s Day

** The above stories are true…

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  1. True!I have had a liberal upbringing,and even thinking that women should be made to sit at home and tweedle their thumbs after getting the proper education,or just barring someone from that right…its unthinkable.But it happens.It happens sigh.
    ..And then there are those who rise above it all. Fitting post 🙂

  2. however rich one is, a woman is always the lesser being…I see nothing to celebrate about unless it is to remind us of the unequal world we live in!
    great post…echoed my feelings…cheer up…smiling at you!

  3. Those stories were touching. It happens with each of us, unique story of living a life.

    I jsut wonder if we need one special day to celebrate womanhood?

  4. What a wonderful post!!
    We need to look around, inspiration exists in countless forms just next to us 🙂

    Happy women's day to you too 😀

    Keep up the good work!!

  5. Very nice post. You said it right. When asked which woman you admire the most or which woman is your role model, how many people have said "my mother" or "my sister" or "my friend".

  6. Our society is still not up to the mark..

    pehle se better hai.. 🙂

    n We will make it THE BEST someday..

    han.. Man me hai vishwas, poora hai vishwas.. Hum Honge Kamyab.. Someday. 🙂

    Happy Women's Day. 🙂

  7. Great Post 🙂 Happy Women's day to you.

    Yes we see such women all the time. My maid servant was a spunky woman. She put her children through college though she herself was uneducated.

  8. Such an inspiring post…A very Happy Women's Day to you too.

    You are right. We tend to forget at times that we are born in an era, time and place when women probably get the most freedom and it is upon us to ensure that our lot continues to improve.

  9. U r so rt .. such women r all arnd us! I so wanted to write abt such women I respect too ..somehw cud nt do it! They r truly inspiring.
    Thanks for the wishes and happy Women's day to u too 🙂

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