[Thursday Rally]::Will you still love me tomorrow::

Will you still love me tomorrow?

Years welcome with wrinkled embrace,
blossoms have withered, shrinking grace,
from destiny, smiles I borrow,
and watch them shimmer in your eyes,
moment enclosing for goodbyes,
will your heart then drown in sorrow?
Uncertainty clouds, dream sublime,
with unceasing rhythm of time,
Will you still love me tomorrow?

Poetry Form-Nove Otto
The Nove Otto poetry form was created by Scott J. Alcorn. It is a nine-lined poem with 8 syllables per line (isosyllabic). The rhyme scheme is as follows: aacbbcddc.
This is my first time and I hope I am doing it right πŸ™‚ … Its wonderful platform for poets to participate and interact with each other πŸ™‚
I also choose Promising Poet award… specially made by Jingle…
And would like to pass them on to :
1)  Megzone
5) Pat
Do check out there blogs… they are awesome poets πŸ™‚

33 thoughts on “[Thursday Rally]::Will you still love me tomorrow::

  1. Hello Raji
    I know it's good!!! I'm not up on style lol,it's interesting when you say I love and get it back.But when the changes of life kick in then comes "Will you Love me Still" wonderful poem I really enjoyed the read. Thank you so much for "honoring" me with this award!!!!!

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