::Of Chennai, Lizards and Biker::

Again it’s the season of turning into a charcoal chick … Chennai is scorching… the heat can actually turn a chicken into a tandoori chicken. Sun Tan, water problems, load shedding, pollution, heat , no rain – ahhh am I still breathing?? … Thankfully, will be leaving for home this weekend. The land of Blue mountains – here I come 😀

These days my lovely laptop is being stalked by an ugly, creepy, large Lizard … no matter how many times I change its location, the crawling thing would be found hovering around it. And it’s too large for a house lizard. Even larger than my palm… now don’t get ideas that I was measuring its length with my hands… ewww the thought itself gives me Goosebumps.

Biker Dear, my beau, has reached heights of being eccentric. Usually during weekends I would cook for him. He loves spicy food while I am incapable of digesting anything of that variety. So you can imagine the sparks that usually fly in the kitchen. One fine afternoon, to teach him a lesson, I put 3 spoonful of Red Chilli powder, especially grinded by his mother, in the curry. The spice quotient of the curry was unearthly high… beyond human consumption. But as the fate may be, Biker Dear slurped all of it in one go , claiming it be the best’est curry while I was gulping down jars and jars of water to quench fire burning inside my digestive tract.

These days my sister and I are seriously discussing on a grave matter which has been disturbing me for a long time – My hair. I have long hairs and no matter what hairstyle I choose, I won’t compromise with the length. The beauticians all over are baffled as to how to tackle this situation 😛 Maybe our discussions are too long ‘coz I can see that reflecting in my phone bills

My sister dahling is my beauty expert and I have given her the herculean task of turning my Hay into Hair. Comparing my hair with hay is an understatement though. People often suggest me to donate it to broom industry.

Any suggestions how to distract men from watching 3 seasons of Heroes continuously… or for that matter any suggestion on how to distract men from the idiot box? Coz I have miserably failed in doing so.

That’s all for today.


23 thoughts on “::Of Chennai, Lizards and Biker::

  1. Tat was a funny Post… i enjoyed it
    Hey princess….. jus a little suggestion for ur long hay… i mean hair….
    Step 1:jus stop trying those beauticians, jus dont pay attention to how they look, completely forget abt ur hairs…. stop looking into the mirror, ignore when ppl laugh or commnet on those broom strands… mean ur hairs…..
    the day u will attain complete self control over these, let me kno… then i will tel u the step2 ….. lolz

  2. How to distract men from watching TV!!!

    Babes, its a herculean task! Try to cook some nice meal and serve it in kitchen. it might help 🙂

  3. Eeeks lizards!!! Hair, well..I also rave & rant all the time 🙁 Enjoy your time at home. I will be visiting chennai in may & I'm not looking fwd to the heat!!

  4. Funny post.. enjoyed it.. oh my god, so much spicy, biker has.. god save him..

    Regarding TV and men, i am looking out for solutions.. if you get it, pl let me know 🙂

  5. Very fun post. Liked reading it. I have experienced Chennai summer. Here in California, now it is supposed to be spring. Yet, it is still rainy and cold.

  6. What a fun post . although I can relate to the fact that hubby can take spicy food and I cannot either.

    Me got awards for you, come on over here

    Happy Wednesday!
    hugs with love,

  7. Fun post !!You sure need few BHUT JOLOKIAS for him…what say ?Broom industry rejected my hairs ….too rough even for their liking.Distraction…hmm..sorry no such suggestion exists…hee.

  8. LOL .. the other way round @ home. I luvvv spicy food and the man can't even think of it. I so feel like hvng that curry nw 😛

    Gng home this weekend .. happy journey and hv a gr8 time 🙂

  9. let men and TV be together ..plz dont seperate them.. how can fish live without water…

    uhh..ok..not gud example..

    spicy stuff rocks!!

    wow..u hav pet lizard!!!

  10. This is one seriously fun post..

    About the hair..get a flat iron.. hair stay long 😛

    Guys and Idot box..Won't touch that one by any stick..let me know if you figure it out 🙂

  11. wait…u r in chennai ????? and your homes in australia ??? visit chatter box home, she has bigger lizards than the ones we have here in chennai !! 😀 😀 😀

  12. whooaa..>!! brilliant rants…
    baapre.. biker 3 teaspoons of chilli and slurped it safaachatt…
    aadmi hai ke kyaa 😮

    bad hair days eh princess..?? 😉
    chodo yaar.. best to do is go in for long layers…tell them to maintain the length but give you many layers..
    thats the best cut.. suits anyone and everyone..
    soch le muje suit karta hai tho tumhe tho suit karega.. 😀

  13. hehhe..your post made me smile 🙂
    Donating hair to broom industry…tch tch

    Here in UK Mother Nature has become a sarcastic bitch….sun, rains, hail and what not…desperately waiting for summer and getting out of wearing so many layers of clothing.

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