50 thoughts on “::Another Silent Night::

  1. Quite amazing indeed. How you creative people write such things is beyond my imagination. What should I praise more, the poetry or the shape created by it?

  2. @Megz
    thank you thank you gal πŸ˜€
    /even be half as good as you….// cmon yaar tu tou aise hi itna aacha likhti hai… aur kiya chahiye tujhe
    arey kuch nahi karti, bas aise waise karke ban jati hai poetry πŸ˜›
    thanks a lot again πŸ˜€

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  4. interesting way to write poems and paint pictures with words.. lovely..

    thanks for the sweet note on my blog Dreamscapes..
    hoping to see you often there..


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  6. aayehaayyeee… kyaa karti ho princess…
    aise aise shapes… by god.. i will have to re-incarnate to even be half as good as you….
    love the verses… loved the shapes..
    haayyeee wo cloud kinna sahiiieee aaya hai yaar…
    *double thumbs up*
    aur saath mein thunderous applause bhi le lo πŸ˜‰
    loved t

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