::Over Over Overboard::

In case the title made you wonder that I jumped off a ship into the welcoming jaws of shark :P, well no that’s not what I am going to talk about 😛 The overboard here refers to the irresistible tendency of humans to go out of way in order to fulfill their hopelessly crazy obsession 😛 . One prominent example available in blogosphere is BCD Megz rampantly dishing blogs, back to back … breathlessly … badly bitten by V-day bug {you need a doctor gal 😛 }. Then another example is our Crazy Sree – going overboard with his trademark statement – ‘ … because I don’t flirt’ {blink blink} 😛 lately, any post on a girl would feature this famous quote

These are some of the real-life characters suffering from Overboard syndrome and I am no exception either.

I go over over over the board when it comes to Farmville in Facebook… one of the most dangerous outcome of farming is – a fuming beau waiting on his bike, outside the net cafe … and as 5 mintues start becoming equivalent to 20 minutes, one could actually hear his growling … an indication that safety limit is about to be crossed 😛
When it comes to eating, there’s never a limit… being a connoisseur of good food, “overboard” is a word too small to describe my voracious appetite … I can have Chicken Wanton Soup + spring roll + Tiger prawns as lunch , Frankie and Bhajji as snacks and Pasta Arabito + Subway’s submarine + ‘Burn me on ’ chocolate dessert (picture below) as dinner all in one day :D… now you know whom you should not call for treat 😛 the delicious delicacies and the heavenly flavor that melts in my mouth is something that I would love to relish again and again, till someone reminds me about my credit card bill 😛 .
I never had a control over my extreme possessiveness regarding my things… mind you it’s ‘things’ not ‘persons’ 😛 ya ya call me materialistic… but I am incredibly cautious when it comes to the security of my precious possessions… Currently, my Teddy bear is in grave danger… even since the 3 year old daughter of my present refugee camp’s owner, has laid her eyes on it, I have been struggling to keep it in a secure place… My only fear is what if she rubs her running rose on my adorable teddy 👿 … ewww even the thought makes with shiver 😛 The stock of my Marie biscuits are reducing day by day in an attempt to lure her away from my Teddykins 😛
There negative aspects too. I am incredibly credulous. If you tell me Alpha Centauri has come down to meet me, I will happily hop to meet it 😛 … I believe anyone and everything that’s around me… A thing called ‘Suspicion’ never creeps in my mind … my tendency to go overboard with stupidity is legendary 😀

Enough self bashing for today 😀 All those who think they too suffer from Overboard Syndrome can take this as a meme and write on it or take this award. 😀

** This topic is inspired from Insignia ‘s take on going overboard.


22 thoughts on “::Over Over Overboard::

  1. Haha…I have not been bitten by the Farmville bug. I just refused to even look at the application.:)
    Fun read this was. You seem fun girl!
    And yes. No one has any business with one's soft toys. Hands off please!:D

  2. that was indeed an over over overboard post 😛

    there are plenty of farmvile addicts..a friend of mine created another account for farmville and finished all 70 levels in 3 months..

    oh you too took the award? nice nice..I am gonna keep it to myself only though..too dear to me 😛

    PS: btw, there is some problem in the link you have provided for Insignia's post..just check it once na 🙂

  3. Going overboard. Once in a while I go over board and binge and it has some times another side too. I will have to watch what I eat for the next few days.

  4. @Rajlakshmi: Well, Thank you!^_^ I'm glad you like it.!^_^ And hey, I kinda moderate the comments, so it will appear only after I've accepted it. So don't feel bad if it doesn't come as soon as you post one! 🙂
    (As in reply to my post)

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  6. thankfully "farmville" bud hasnt bit me.. I am still recovering from "mafia wars" bug..

    I like food of many types,.. but "a frankie" according to me is a overpriced joke..

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