::Chronicles of a Homeless Princess – II::

Hiya, after a long time I am back with my random ramblings. The wandering-homeless-soul condition still prevails. Accompanying my destitute self is my ever dearest new Laptop – Osheen … Isn’t it just adorable… My roomie calls it Strawberry Swirl ice cream {and she keeps wondering what came over me to buy it }

As if being homeless was not enough, Dear God blessed me with an exciting opportunity of jumping over the gate of my refugee camp errr… my friend’s house in an unknown locality with unknown dogs snarling at me … It so happened that one fine evening I reached my temporary refugee camp a little early, with plans to watch movies and cook egg curry , happily I hopped towards the gate of the house, only to find a nasty lock glaring at me … {the house owner was not at home that day}
The room’s key was safely tucked inside my purse but the gate’s in my friend’s. Acting like a shrewd-smart professional 007 agent , I tried all the 11 keys in my keychain {and safety pins and hair clips too }… even the ones that were so small that it came out from the other side, desperately hoping for an Alohomora to happen … with only one option left, I scanned the area – right left and center. The locality was new to me, and the idea of being caught and termed as Chorni wasn’t welcoming either , but with my movies waiting at the other side and stomach growling in despair… in three steps I jumped over the obstacle … {never mind the dogs, whose snarls had turned into growls }


Parents are still not aware of my homeless situation and it just makes me wonder whether I am being Brave or a Bewakoof (stupid) there’s a hairline difference between these two … and why does that remind me of Don Quixote ??

After reading the struggle and travails of my destitute self, my lovely worried fans, from each corner of the world have, have poured in their suggestion and sympathies. I thank them for their condolences {for the withering crops of my farm} and also for feeding my chickens. I appreciate their efforts to keep alive my deepest desire to roast the broker and his birdbrain assistant and pay my gratitude for providing innovative solutions like carrying only two bags … but then I require at least 3 bags to accommodate my footwear itself

By March first week, (maybe) I will have a permanent roof over my head …



23 thoughts on “::Chronicles of a Homeless Princess – II::

  1. The laptop is awesome. It's from the Dell artist range or something? I think it's by Mike Ming… or were those the striped ones? Very cute anyway.
    I think the line between brave & bewakoof is very thin… I've been there!
    I hope you get a roof over your head soon! All the best & Aal iz well!

  2. i love ur laptop.. i think it is just adorable.. but i have to agree with your roomie's description.. but thats not a bad thing is it..

    and hey we hv something in common.. i LOVE shoes :D!!!

  3. Your laptop is gorgeous 🙂
    Take care of yourself girl. Hope everything shapes up well soon.

    The idea of snarling dogs did send chills down my spine.

    Wow! you too are a lover of shoes 😀

    Take care buddy 🙂


  4. LOL .. another foot-wear lover eh 😛 Nice 🙂

    Hope u get that permanent roof soon 🙂
    Sheesh! The dogs sound scary … glad u handled it all well 🙂

    I luv the laptop too 🙂

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