:: Sense and Sensibility ::

Disclaimer: This is not a ohh-so-sweet post …Sincerely hope I won’t receive any hate mails 😛

** Don’t Drink and Drive… Wear Helmets for safety… Stay within speed limits…
Now which part of this sentence people don’t understand. Did it ever occur to you that your family doesn’t deserve your cracked skull

** Begging is an offence … but does the scenario in Besant Nagar beach reflect any such law… latest entrants are the Eunuchs and they are now one big happy family of beggars that won’t let a single soul sit peacefully and enjoy… to all those kind persons who are full of pity and whose heart goes out to them along with money… let me tell you, they earn more than you … and don’t you know that giving money to beggars is also an offence. It’s one big flourishing business in the form of kidnapped and mutilated children… blinded women and handicapped youngster… feeding on sympathy is the easiest job in India.

Check out for the attitude they show you if you don’t give them anything coz I am always the recipient of such behavior {and some curses too …}

On the other hand…

Tones of milk (especially during Nagpanchami) and Lakhs is spent on feeding God idols… Do you really think this bribery is going to work in God’s house? Did it ever occur to you that helping the needy can also do the purpose of pleasing God? There are thousand of deserving souls which are desperately in need of the luxury you throw away … God doesn’t need your wealth and your food, serve humanity and maybe then God will think about you
Throw stones at me if you want to but be sensible enough to know where to donate and whom to pity.

** Okk now coming to some day-to-day issue… this I write on behalf of all the roommates, flatmates, neighbors, hostel mates… who have been subjected to unrelated-unwanted-midnight howling

To all those who howl and wail in the middle of the night, shaking the foundation of the building just because their beau talked with a school friend who happened to be a girl… first of all… learn to keep private matters private … and second, have some respect for the life he had before you unfortunately landed in his life… if this attitude continues… dumping ground is not far dear…

To all those who howl day and night because their beau asked them not to wear that kind of Bindi, not to go to that place, not to talk with that person, not to pluck eyebrows 🙄 , not to wear heels, not to go to beauty parlour… Gal, go and get a life … nobody owns you…

Extreme possessiveness is not equivalent to extreme care. In the long run you will feel suffocated.

Whatever be the case, handle in private and let us sleep in peace.

** 19 years is more than enough to show the mockery of justice… the Kasab’s case is another comedy going on… I wonder why the Shiv Sena and Ram Sevaks and all other Bharat Mata ke Sevaks don’t continue their hooliganism in these situations {I would have preferred that though}… Why don’t they fight against injustice… Why does it take a boy and a girl, in love, sitting together on Valentine’s day to raise their adrenalin and strengthen their Indian-culture value and their obsession with Hindustan…

Hmmppphhh….enough rants I guess…

V-day reminds me of a post I read last year by Narendra 😛 – In search of Love let me tell you in advance, these are the things you should not do 😛

Good Day

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  1. Ch1 link of Narendra yahan pe bhi?? 😛
    waise tagged u to the abstract poetry post ok?? Princess, daaya karke Uthaalena tag!! 😛

    Also, congrats on the new ranking…yay!! Calls for a celebration!! 😀

  2. Wow ! what a hard hitting post! fabulous and a very sensible one.

    I also always ask everybody not give in to beggars, but when there is someone handicapped or a leper, I give, but never to children..by giving we are not helping them, just destroying their future and encouraging those racketeers.

    loved that line..go get a life:)..really nobody owns you.

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