::Random Chronicles of a Blocked Mind::

Writer’s block has hit me… you won’t believe how desperately I had tried these days to think of a topic to write on… this is just an attempt to prevent my mind from going into hibernation. Still finding a permanent cure for this unwanted constipation of thoughts 😛


Dhokebaaz footwear
: Here’s a new episode in the footwear saga, and it mostly(may be only) happen with girls…Picture this – you are walking down the road, breeze in your hair, style in your walk, smile on your lips, gliding like a Diva 😀 … and as you are about to cross the cute guy on bike, ….SLIPPPPP!!!!! You slip out of your glittering sandals… cursing, feel-like-hiding-behind-a-stone-for-another-century look, you mechanically scoot out the place 🙄 … and it won’t stop there, you would keep slipping off till you are safely inside a three or four wheeler… 😛

These darned things are so perfect about their timings that you wonder if someone made them to just drown you in embarrassment. I used to pray to my sandals every morning not to play any prank that day 😛


Blunder with Bournvita Cake
: My experiments with flowchart recipes didn’t end with Tea, it continued in hostel too where I had a roommate who was equally enthusiastic in experimenting in kitchen, though her disaster count is negligible to mine.

So I was all set to study Algorithms that day… exam time it was, where this adorable flowchart with I-still-don’t-know-the-name shapes and arrows on Bournvita cake was gazing at me… and within seconds we were armed with cooker, pan and Bournvita … we added sugar, ghee, milk, oil … I still don’t know what went wrong but the cake tuned into a Laddoo, and the whole day we were chasing after our hostel mates to offer them the privilege of being our Guinea pigs 😛


Superstition :
To what extend can you go when it comes to protecting your family …

I have a very interesting friend and her home-sagas could even threaten to beat mine 😛 Her brother was suffering from asthma … as usual people started pouring in their suggestion and natural remedies to cure it… and her concerned family would listen to each of them … the most effective and innovative solution was to boil two Bat’s kid and make him eat… so they kidnapped two Bats from may be Vampire’s cave in the heart of Himalayas 😀 , boiled, camouflaged with potato and served him… lo behold…!!!! his Asthma was cured… 😀 He still don’t have any idea about the sacrifice those two nocturnal souls had made 😛

Another instance is when her mother suffered from a serious infection on arms… and the classic cure that people suggested was to let a Cat sniff on that part… I don’t know whether the cat died out of utter disgust or not, but the infection was cured 😛

And all this just made me wonder if evolution of man is directly proportional to the evolution of his mind

Princess will continue the random chronicles till she finds a better topic to write on 😀


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21 thoughts on “::Random Chronicles of a Blocked Mind::

  1. Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

  2. It happened to a colleague. she was going to enter the glass doors of the coference room for this all important meeting ad the heel gaveaway. But she was cool. She slipped the pair off and walked in naked feet. Once seated, nobody knew she was bare foot.

  3. What a batty cure for asthama! I have heard some people say that eating a cockroach will cure asthama. Wonder why the cure is always bats, live fish and cockroaches and not leaves and flowers or chocolates.
    What writer's block? You seemed to do pretty fine! Keep it up.

  4. lol…slippers thing reminded me the old mentose ad 🙂 .Loved the last quote

    @ writers block – take a short break and come back.I'm sure it will be alright 🙂

  5. Nice one. About the superstitions? It is the 100% belief in our mind that cures. My mother-in-law was a doctor in Tamilnadu. She used to say that patients come and beg for injection to cure their suffering (when an injection is not needed.) They would not listen. So in order to please them she would inject a small dose of saline water. Bingo, within 30 minutes they are cured.

  6. Exactly!! Your foot slips occur so that it can inflict maximum embarrassment. It happened to last week, I was walking fine when my manager asked me "Handling interviews?" I turned back and slipped…He was like "Oh take care" It was so embarrassing :-S

  7. Hope ur shoes never plays pranks with you.. 🙂 🙂

    your hostel mates are really poor… I pity for them… what else I can do???

    and those superstition things… is this happening??? OMG… I don't know where people where picking up these weird treatments..

    Here too in villages there are such things….

    Continue writing ur random chronicles.. they give a nice read… 🙂 🙂

  8. Even I have seen my footwear failing me at the most in opportune times:)….This asthma cure..I hope not many people follow, otherwise bat's species will be in danger:)

  9. mayb the design of your slippers..focuses too much on style and less on functinality..
    still . "Dhokebaaz footwear" sounds funny…

    bournvita cake!! crazzyyy!!

    so that guy can be called "batman or batboy now.. he he… still its quite shocking bats as remedy…

    keep blogging

  10. I know writer's block can be pretty infectious. Am glad you are out of it finally 😀

    The slipper troubles have been a part of almost every girl's life. Count me in for that 🙂

    The story of surprise remedies of your friend was pretty shocking.

    You've got a wonderful blog Rajlakshmi.

    Keep up the good work.


  11. you know that "slipping" episode… been there done that! Guess that's universal!

    And your friend is one of a kind!

    Don't let any writer's block attack you. Not ever!

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