[Crazy home Affairs]:: Of Pampered Princess & Fuming Bro ::

After renovation my house as turned into a Maze … an architectural wonder which could now compete for the “Jantar Mantar of Assam” title 😛 (16 doors and 5 entry points with each room having minimum 2 doors) … this has lead to some unforeseen issues – one is to catch hold of Lucy or Tiger whenever they need a bath … they would run door to door and we would be running all over the house in circles… Ring a ring o’ Roses seems to be their favorite rhyme too 😛 … and another is when my Brother tried to run away with my Shampoos and Lip balm and Maini with the remote … arrrgghhh !!!!

If ever there is an association for “Male rights at Home” or “Discrimination against Boys” , My Dearest Bro would be its president 😛 … ever since he leant about the preference of male child and “differentiation of daughter by parents” in social studies classes… my Bro realized, to his utter dismay, that may be he was the only male in the whole galaxy who’s being discriminated … 😀

You see if I or sis needed something, we would just Bear-Hug dad… make delicious curry… childishly… with our honey-laced-Nightingale voice … sing our requirements… He would just laugh and lo!!! it would there the very next day… but all Poor Bro used to get was a smile and of-course-you-don’t-need-this kind-of dialogues 😛 … shocked… hurt… he would be shouting “discrimination discrimination” to all those who would lend him an ear.

Karishma, a fellow blogger, reminded me of my driving days. One fine morning, “Driver” Myself, “Poor” Dad, ”Fuming” Bro and “I-can-drive-better” Mahi(Mausi) went for my early driving lesson… while retuning back, near my house, my immature driving self didn’t take a turn properly, Dad shouted – Bro at the edge of the seat – Mahi too screaming – and Princess, extremely furious for being shouted at … pressed the accelerator with full force … and vroom!!! …the car zoomed inside the bush of neighbor’s compound… off the roadhalf tilted … 😛

Well Dad being Dad just laughed it off 😛 , which lead to sudden outburst of My Bro … and again he shouted “Discrimination discrimination” … it so happened that once My Bro was driving and he just accelerated a little too much… and Dad, on the middle of the road verbally thrashed him for that  … (that’s the Army style of teaching I suppose 😛 Dad was taught the same way 😛 ) …

Mahi too teamed with Bro for she was also once at the receiving end of Dad’s thrashing 😛 … {I remember how I used to hide under the car seat when Dad would “teach” Mahi driving… each pair of eyes on the road would be scrutinizing as to what’s going inside our car… sometimes I would just sit there with Ohh-I-dnt-know-who-these-people are kind of look 😛 }

Btw both Mahi and Bro are far better drivers than me, and my driving License is merely used for ID purpose 😛

Till this date, whenever we three are at home, Discriminated Bro would test if the Daddy’s pampered girl is being fed with extra love and extra food 😀 … comparing each item… its quantity … and even the pillows and quilts … Although he don’t drink milk, he would ramble if he’s not offered  … and by any chance, if I am served before him, the whole day we would have to literally stop him from “ filing a petition ” 🙂


Crazier than crazy, a bunch of memories I found,
tucked in my little heart, a smile wrapped around.

Cheers !!!

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  1. yeah..it happnd..to me..too
    tried learning dad's scooter and did a "wheelie" first time i wrung the throttle..and then loosing control of the scoot..
    no one hurt…but a few scratches on the scoot….i got verbal bashing from dad…

    after a few more years…my sis was learning to ride my dad'd bike…she rode well..and when she was trying to take a U-turn…got nervous and gave too much throttle(accelerator) and zoom ..the bike went into the passage of a "general stores" no one was hurt ..bike again got a few scratches..i think "indicator light" was a bit loose after that..but lucky sis was told by dad..its al right…but dont loose your confidence…she was scared next time to ride a bike..but she has got over it..

    so yeah..there is a bias sometimes..but still its negligible i believe..mostly a boy gets more favors in any indian family…

    still good post..brought back memories..

  2. I'm a single child.. and have never had such experiences..! Extremely adorable..

    The one thing I can relate to… Being Daddy's little princess…Its the BEST!

  3. LOL .. pampered princess u r for sure 😛
    But, the bond b/w dads n daughters is such .. isn't it 🙂
    Loved the way u hv written this one 🙂

  4. this is really a funny post…. 😀 😀 you have got a poor bro… I feeeeeeeeellllllllll for him… say to him that I am there for his discrimination against boys club… 😀 😀

    and car thing… its good that nobody is hurt….

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