Beauty Experiments & Accidents– Tried & Tested

As the sun is impatiently waiting to set us on fire again, I am taking pity on every burning soul, and have decided to unravel some ancient skin care tips  to neighbor’s-envy-owner’s-pride glowing skin that would definitely make each  of your envious friend’s eyes pop out in wonder… a la Fair and lovely advertisement … 😛 okk never mind the last part 😛

Now yours truly loves to go the natural way… no strawberry flavors, artificial orange scrubs smelling like milk of magnesia … but not like Cleopatra’s donkey milk bath or crocodile dung as eyeliner… just simple home-experiments (experiments because… well they are experiments :P) …but be assured that these have been tried and tested, again and again on my lovely skin  😛

Disclaimer –Writer is not responsible and will not pay for the damages or accidents resulting from the below experiments. 😛 Please proceed at your own risk 😛

Don’t let the disclaimer deter you 😛

If you are blessed with extremely-dry-fish-scaled-skin like mine, which sometimes double as a surface for solving complex differential equations, and where even Body lotions fail to prove their magical effect, then moisture it ASAP… fill each pore of your epidermal tissue with oil… Coconut, Mustard, Keo-Karpin, Almond Hair Oil, Baby Oil … any greasy liquid made for humans would work wonders… and if your skin is super-absorbent, apply it twice or thrice if required… 😛
Be aware that people may shun your company because of the repulsive smell some of these ingredients may emanate, so better hide under a bed or lock yourself in Almirah till the smell recedes… 😀 Guaranteed that never ever you will complain about dry skin 😛
Tanning – a very common phenomenon … this secret recipe has been entrusted upon me by a very reliable source… 3 spoonfuls of sugar + drops of glycerin + drops of lemon … ta..da…da there’s just one teeny weeny glitch … Even Columbus would have considered discovering America was a child’s play compared to finding Glycerin in Chennai… Daddy dear had specially exported it to me from home 😛 Once you get hold of all the ingredients, all you have to do is mix them and rub it on your arms, face and feet
I had been instructed to keep rubbing till the sugar granules melt… it took around half an hour to melt those darned crystals… that definitely resulted in smooth silky sparkling feel but also my skin showcased more scratches than my mobile screen… and of course days of aching arms… but still I follow this tough regime strictly with a hope that someday my tan will reduce…
Sugar act as a natural scrub, so guaranteed that your skin will be Katrina Kaif smooth… ummm was I talking about tanning… well that part I still have to find out 😛 Beware of Ants though !!! 😀
Feet – vital but extremely neglected part of the body … there had been days when a frog would have felt proud when compared to my daily-laborer-breaking-boulders-for-the-past-ten-decades feet if left dry… so a daily routine of moisturizing is compulsory, which usually results in slipping-off-my-footwear (hmm maybe that’s why they break so often)… you have no idea how badly I suffer from feet-should-be-well-maintained-filed-pedicure syndrome that sometimes I forcefully pull my roomie’s and wallmate’s parched feet all the way to my room and work on them till they are groomed and dazzled… ahhh such an angelic soul I am 😛
Besides, eat and drink healthy, do some exercise and love you body just the way you love your bug-free code 😀

Do let me know if the above experiments worked for you 😛 and if not, then please don’t chase me… I had already warned you 😛

17 thoughts on “Beauty Experiments & Accidents– Tried & Tested

  1. @lostworld
    atleats you follow something which is helpful… i don't even follow hat 😛
    it seems grandma's recipe are all time fav 😀
    thanks a lot 😀

    hehehe ya i hope they are following it 😀
    thanks a lot 😀

  2. @Never
    ya do let me know the results…
    i am still wondering it they would work 😀 hehehe
    thanks a lot 😀

    @The holy lama
    well no idea beind it… just helping all the sould out there 😛
    thanks a lot 😀

  3. Make sure P&G ,Unilever or nivea is tracking this article 🙂 .
    The best manthara is eat well , drink plenty of water,moderate exercise and always think positively

  4. Liked your last mantra -eat drink healthy, exercise & love your body.. cos I follow that out of laziness more than anything else. I use some lotions of course but too much of anything ends up worsening it. Grandma's recipes always work wonders.. Hope everything works for you & you look radiant 🙂

  5. "and if your skin is super-absorbent, apply it twice or thrice if required…"

    i do that in winters… apply.coconut oil … or else my skin looks scaly like a croc.. yuck!!

    "Besides, eat and drink healthy, do some exercise and love you body just the way you love your bug-free code :D"

    bug-free code… ha ha..really good quote…

  6. Hmmm…So tried and tested huh???
    Well, well…grandma's recipe for beautiful you always works.. I havent tried though!! We still want to go behind those glossy and sheeny cream packs

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