[Poetry]:: A Life Ends, Alone ::

A Life Ends, Alone

Tick tock of incessant time,
could never heal the scars,
of her only ‘hideous crime’,

Deserted soul and body frail,
words stabbing her heart,
reverberates a silent wail.

Under an umbel of remorse,
diminish traces of breath,
wheeled to life’s last course.

1st Dec is celebrated as World’s Aids Day, through these words I have tried to portray the pain and trauma an AIDS patient is subjected to not only because of the disease but also because of the humiliation and suffering that is inflicted upon them by their family and society. Disowned by the community they are forced to spend the last days of their life alone. Lets fight AIDS and not the persons who are suffering from it.

8 thoughts on “[Poetry]:: A Life Ends, Alone ::

  1. true what you said that an aids patient has to suffer through both physical as well as external pain from the society.suffering and pain was well written in a few words.sensitive subject was well handled and was written the way it was meant to!!keep writing!!

  2. How one got AIDS is the question. If it was by leading a life of vice, it must get social rebuke. But if the condition happens with infected blood transfusion, mother to child, to the unknowing wife, then the patient should be treated with compassion

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