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It’s exam time for Princess’s Dear Siblings. Earlier this month they had their college week. My smarty sis, whose physical activity is limited to only cutting vegetable and cooking delicacies, simply out of rush-of-emotion decided to give volleyball a shot. That must have been the first time in her life a volleyball had come in touch with her.
So you can imagine the drama that unfolded on the field. Since her physical activities are almost negligible (except for occasions involving holding a cow to take its temperature or making sausages out of goat’s intestine or riding – but how every time the poor trainer has to run behind the horse whenever she is mounted is another story) that day she suffered immense pain in her approx 680 muscles.

The next day she had a badminton competition vs her roommate which was a total disaster since her pain rendered her immobile… some tears were shed and my Bro, who’s the badminton champion of his college , teased her for being so Girlish.
In case you are wondering who’s the elder of the two, it’s my sister… a fact which almost all of us conveniently forget. 😛
Btw she got 5 silver medals for different co-curricular activities of which one was painting. And guess who got the gold medal. 😛 Yes my Dearest Wierdo -Bro. And Guess for which painting he got. 😛 Out of the three paintings that my Sis Dear painted, he begged the best one, wrote his name and submitted… Now the painting is showcased in their college building among the best artworks in my Bro’s name.
Did I tell you about a poem penned by my sister that got published in the college magazine under the name of my Bro. Atleast my bro has got the talent to select the best work which my sister doesn’t and so the silver medals. You should definitely see him walking around the college like an Ohh-I-am-the-best’est-dude-of-the-century… with an intolerable fake look-at-me-I-am-the-coolest attitude  , that surprisingly disappears in presence of any female gender … My musically-handicapped Bro’s dream to literally rock the college, thankfully is fading.
The toad posters have finally made their way out to I don’t know where. But it seems her room is becoming suitable for human occupation, of course except for her precious formaldehyde and beetle-carcass collection. My sister’s formaldehyde experiments is highly inspired from her classmate’s, who keeps bottles of large snakes on his study desk. Something to do with his concentration on studies…
Btw do you know how a cow’s or buffalo’s or ox’s temperature taken. It’s certainly not the mouth. It’s the rectum 😛 and somebody has to hold the horns from front. My friend was once found battling with a bull with large horns while his friend was struggling at the other end with the thermometer to take its temperature. And this occurred in their final Practical exam 😛 . Thankfully he didn’t get kicked like my Bro got once resulting in partial unconsciousness
More crazy stories later.  Till then digest this.


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