Crazy Home-Affairs: Of homework, Remote & Siblings

Princess is back with another set of crazy tales of the Boruah family… after rejuvenating blend of complete pagalpan (craziness), I am still not able to stabilize myself in the present ‘sane’-environment.


So it all started when I landed in Dibrugarh airport where I was literally dancing and jumping and skipping all the way from plane to the luggage area… not caring the is-she-from-Shangarila kind of looks. Stayed at a college friend’s house and the next morn started for home…

The moment I entered the house, my bags were ransacked by Antic-specialist Dear Bro. I had to cry and plead and beg him to spare my new Garnier Fructus shampoo and conditioner, though I couldn’t save my lovely lip-balm from his evil clutch. What’s with guys these days??? He even uses a better face scrub than me

On day 1 itself my luggage was reduced to just 2 pairs of casuals, courtesy Sister dear. The rest went with my Dahling Sister to her hostel…

They couldn’t even stay for 12 hours sigh!!! Reached on morning and left at night. So that was quite a fair deal for them 😛 hmmm wondering what made them so serious regarding their studies


Most of my evenings were spent fighting with Dad for the remote. How can one possibly convince one’s Dad to watch Princess Protection Program – Movie on Disney 😛 … even Maini, my Mausi’s daughter, won’t watch it . With Dad obsessed with Mahabharata, Mom fascinated with Leopards on Animal Planet, Mahi desperately longing to watch News Live and Maini shouting for Little Krishna on Pogo, the Princess’s demand gets subdued somewhere in between.

So one fine evening when I thought I had the remote all to myself, wooooo Maini jumped in (yeah that’s how she tries to scares me) and with all her bhaeee bhaee’s and please-please I was soon working on her homework in the study room. She’s in standard 2 and way too clever than I was…Sigh Kids these days…

My mommy was so happy to see me gain weight all over {or rather to see her dearest daughter turning into a Potato} , that she banned me from going anywhere except for shopping… in case some buri nazar (evil eyes) lands on me… so all 10 days I was at home… she’s obsessed with the idea that someone is trying to cast a Black Magic spell on us… and if any non family member brings anything to eat… that goes directly outside my house … not even my Dogs are allowed to sniff it… maybe I should get her a Nazar Rakhsha Kavach or Hanuman Yantra that is continuously shown in Sahara 😛

I don’t blame mom for her superstition… when it comes to the safety of family what not can one do…


My siblings are expert in ransacking…specially when it comes to my collections… before leaving for Chennai two years back, I had made it clear that no–one was supposed to touch the big black wooden box which was stuffed with my things. Now all that remains is a box and bits of paper… my stamp collection is at Bro’s hostel… which along with my coin’s collection is ruthlessly used as a medium to boast his non-existent interest in multiple hobbies. My teddy bears are at Sister’s place to decorate her roomful of toads…

Btw did I tell you that her room is covered with large posters of Toads that she finds so fascinating and on her table rests a Carp Fish in Formaldehyde


Stay tuned for more on Crazy Home Adventures.

28 thoughts on “Crazy Home-Affairs: Of homework, Remote & Siblings

  1. You have to express more your opinion to attract more readers, because just a video or plain text without any personal approach is not that valuable. But it is just form my point of view

  2. thats a fun read…

    your sister and brother were too cool and took all of your things… he he he…

    that remote thing.. happens all the time.. thank god.. I am not the one who like to watch any other thing than Sports in TV.. so they will give way for me…

    enjoy the vacation 🙂

    and r u working in Chennai???

  3. Nice one. I am glad you had a great time with your family. You will remember this for a long time. Fighting for remote control does not happen here. So, we miss that "remote conrtrol fight bonding" here.

  4. Nice blog. Find all those here are commenting that parents are all the same, I shall add, so also are all the kids – as I am a mom of two kids myself. Nice blog. Good insight of what kids feel. And I shall be back. Right now am traveling and thanks for dropping by.

  5. so U r enjoying your hard earned vacation haa……..
    he he all mothers care about there children so much …though if you are 10 ,20 or 30 ,thats not a issue for them .they will treat us like small kids 🙂 ……..
    post reminded me my childhood days… anyways have fun at home rajlakshmi 🙂

  6. wow…coming home is sooo special….and coincidently …I came home today for a vacation :-)…Indeed..we do get such relief amongst such craziness at home…surely would be looking forward for "Crazy Home Adventures"… 😛

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