Crazy Home-Affairs: Of Ducks, Dogs & Uncle trouble

More on Crazy Home affairs with siblings here.

Now there are so many creatures residing in Boruah’s residence that sometimes the Princess herself losses count.
Brand new addition is Lucy.

Lucy’s mom was a Labrador and she died in her last of month of pregnancy without giving birth to the pups. My bro and his friends performed a caesarian on her to take them out. Two of them were still born, two died after few days and only Lucy lived.

This new member had caused enough chaos in the household. Mom running after her each time she frees herself {the only place she loves to go is cement and sand area and roll in it}, good–old Tiger is extremely jealous and feels dejected, Maini screams if Lucy comes even in 1 meter proximity. But the actual chaos is when you try to pet Lucy. Tiger would growl and bark and Roar, shaking the foundations of my lovely home. And if you pet Tiger, Lucy could kill you with her ear-piercing-still-developing-kaauu-kaauu barks. Most of the time Princess would be shuttling between both of them…
But utterly shocked the Princess was when a beautiful silent foggy morning was broken by high decibel Bow bows and quack quacks… and in the compound both the Tiger and Lucy were desperately chasing a Duck. Poor Ducky was running and quaking for its life till Mommy dear came for its rescue. When the duck became a member of our household is still not registered in my memory. But if ever these three are freed, there is enough quack quack and bow bows to make Old Mac Donald go eeiiyaaa eeiiiyaaa oooo.

There’s another living thing that I sincerely try to escape. The evergreen everblooming Papaya tree. Look at those lush green papayas, Neighbors envyMommy’s prideDaughter’s nightmare 😛 .

Thankfully they are green and not yellow; else mom would have stuffed each one of those through my food pipe along with Tumbler of milk which would make me see a mini-Yokozuna in me 😛 . This was the only time when the Papaya nightmare didn’t hit my lovely self 😛 .
Princess is a late riser, not making her presence outside the room till late morning … but often my beauty sleep was interrupted by Piya dhadhak dhadhak’ {instead of Jiya dharak dharak} and aaaaaa ooo rajjj aaaaaa’ … thats my Julie Mahi (Mausi), trying to wake me up in her did-it-ever-exist singing skills … and then throwing googly like ‘Did you like my song ’ 🙄 I don’t even remember what I said in my dreamy state… those are the days when I would walk like zombie… groggy eyed… muttering nonsensical things to myself
Ever since childhood, we always addressed Dad’s friends as Uncle. Now-a-days, the trouble is when Dad is having a younger friend. The Captains and the Lieutenants are of almost my age and whenever dad introduces them, instinctively “Hello Uncle” slips out. Imagine myself addressing Sree or Raj as Uncle 😛 . No, me and my sister never saw their faces again 😛 sigh!!!!
Stay tuned for more Crazy Hungama at home 😛

20 thoughts on “Crazy Home-Affairs: Of Ducks, Dogs & Uncle trouble

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  4. LOL.. another good fun post 🙂

    and I love dogs but scared to touch them 🙂

    and papaya is good.. me too didn't liked it till sometime back.. but these days I am liking it.. don't know what happened to my taste buds 😀 😀

    uncle thing is funny.. thankfully my dad didn't brings me any person of my age to home… 😀 😀

  5. I cant stand pets, but love papaya, and about calling uncle even I face the same think, like my H's younger collegue will always call me aunty though I may be just 5-6 yr older to them:)

    very interesting post princess!

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