Photo Blog: Hiking in Wayanad

Last weekend I along with my office teammates went for an outing – a 2 day trip to Wayanad.


The place is absolutely exotic and bewitching. And it’s also just like my hometown in Assam, the mountains, long winding roads, the layout and architecture of the residential houses and even the vegetation is similar. I felt as if my home was just around the corner.
Even though I became a victim of motion sickness (which resulted in the disposal of loads of polythene covers :P), I enjoyed the trip, but even today the picture of the bus makes me throw up and I get the same giddy feeling… (I had to fight my headache to take these snaps 😛 well I didn’t want to miss anything :))
On the first day, we went on a trek to Meenmutty waterfalls… and boy!!!! what a trek it was. It took us around 2+ hours, going down the mountain, walking along a slippery narrow path with the help of ropes. The tour guides had a lot of trouble in keeping us on the right track (there were only two choices to be on track… either we walk the long way or tumble down along the mountains)
Finally, we reached the waterfall which was absolutely majestic and magnificent, but too dangerous to be viewed from close proximity or so they said.
And then we trekked again to a smaller waterfall. I wasn’t in the best of my shape. With heart hammering against my chest, every iota of energy drained out, literally crawling on four with a 5 kg backpack, stopping every 30 sec for a breath and a bread, we reached the waterfall. I was so exhausted that the only thing I did was jump into it. As the cool refreshing water touched me, I got my life back.
Again we trekked back … amongst the coffee bean and black pepper plants … to reach the bus … The images of the lovely mountains and beautiful sceneries are still engraved in my mind…
To be continued …
Picture source: My N73 and Teammates.
Hiking in Wayanad Kerala

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26 thoughts on “Photo Blog: Hiking in Wayanad

  1. Wow! Awesome pics :)Waterfalls, plantations, mountains – so nice that u got to njoy all of them 🙂

    The trek must hv been so much fun 🙂
    Glad to know the sickness did not prevent u from having fun! Gr8 gng 🙂

    Waiting for the next one 🙂

  2. Wayanad is such a lovely place that we have visited many times. Your pictures are excellent

    Just one question. I thought (and your profile says) you are in Jorhat. How did you go on a 2 day trip all the way from Jorhat.

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