::A little this and that::

Wrote this last friday 🙂


Agrhhhh… I don’t know whats with me and my sandals… 4th in a row… can u believe that… two sandals broke this week…that too in office…
On Tuesday my sleek-and-slender sandal gave away due to monsoons … near the pantry… and so I slithered all the way to my cubicle… did an emergency fix …and went for lunch… and guess what… the other one broke too… well I was anticipating it so was carrying the fix with me… now while the everyone in GMR canteen were having their lunch… poor princess was fixing her sandal under the table…sniff !!!

So I pledged I would keep all my sleek sandals out of office and planned to wear Dadima-kinds that even my grandmother would refuse to wear…

For the past two days I had been doing the disappearing act… before people’s eyes land on my sandals … swoosh I would be gone 😛 but as the fate may be… this one too broke today… somehow made the trip to shop and bought a superglue… I am at wits end to figure out whats happening…


I am going home tomorrow… 2 weeks of Eternal bliss…don’t be jealous please as I am forbidden to go home only twice a year … in case you are wondering who dared to forbid the princess – it’s the Distance … sigh!!!

My planning list includes shopping in Jorhat, shopping in Dibrugarh, shopping in Dimapur and shopping in Guwahati (mostly done by my sis) …ya that would be sufficient I suppose… atleast it would reduce the trouble my Mom takes to send me stitched Salwar-Kurtas 😛 Am I being a shopaholic???

Since princess only prefers cotton items and her knowledge on buying proper clothes is almost negligible so the shopping spree basically happens in Jorhat along with Mahi and Sister Dear 🙂

Will get some awesomely-breathtaking pictures for you all…

Dew on a foggy morn, and the smiling ray of sun,
Mischievous alleys sing a song
Princess gonna go home 🙂


My short story for Meenaks contests turned out so lame that before I have to dip myself in a pail of water and readers die of suffocation-from-clichés , I decided not to post it… Need to put on my thinking cap again… really salute all the story writers here for always bringing out such brilliant-intriguing stories… Man !!! it’s really a difficult job.


Will try catching up with blogosphere from home… but my precious PC has now been seized by antics-specialist -drama-boy Bro and is now residing at his hostel, guess I would be offline most of the time…
Till then take care…keep blogging, keep smiling, keep rhyming and don’t forget to Enjoy!!!


14 thoughts on “::A little this and that::

  1. khe khe khe…
    the sandal thing was funny… gals r always gals.. 😛
    they neva get out of being 'beauty-conscious 😛 😛 😛 :P… n in this case..a sandal.. 😛

    it was fun readin…

    haf fun princess

  2. I can so relate with you on the sandal-tragedies. My sandals too ditch me in the most unexpected manner at times.

    Glad to have stumbled by your page.

    You have a great vacation…will look forward to some breathtaking snaps.

  3. wow i have a similar experiance …..past 10 days i got caught by trafic police for three times(that 2 4 silly reasons and past 1 and half years i'm riding bike in chennai, didn't get caught not even a single time)
    1. was wearing cap instead of helmet on a rainy day
    2.Head light was one..though it was in night,the street look like as if it is 5 PM (they were not even bothered abt lot of helmetlss guys that day)
    3.No entry area…(i was not familair with that place.so saw one police car going…so just followed them to avoid a signal 😀 :D)

    @ shopaholic…your random shopping stories are pending 🙂

    anyways have a nice vacation, enjoy your time 😀

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