:: The Joys of Diwali ::

*** Though its another Diwali away from dear home… and I am missing lighting up diyas and candles all around the compound wall… protecting them from the huge trucks that would usually knock them off…  but still I am having a great time from my home-away-from-home 😛 with my roomates and wallmates….

Today we spent the whole day applying Mehendi on each other’s hands 😛

*** My roomie has returned from France and since the time she has entered the room I am only feasting on chocolates… I know its not gonna help in reducing my horizontal increment but then who cares 😀 she literally had to hide all the chocolates meant for her colleagues….
and not to forget the Pizzas that we gorged down after her arrival…

*** I wanted to buy some crackers with mind-blowing sound… but my conscience stopped me… after all Mother Earth also needs some peace… and well, the don’t-you-think-about-it glare of my roomie didnt help either 😀 … so the only sound making stuff I have is called Hydrogen-bomb… though I am not sure the decibel range it can reach…

*** Hope you all are having a great time… enjoy and do remember that our Mother Nature also wants to play with us… so go easy on the sound and smoke 🙂 …


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