::Looking through the hourglass::

I was running faster than the fastest stallion… riding on the winds… crossing each hurdle … looking for a hideout … behind me was Mom, spitting fire like a dragon chasing me with Cheetah speed… armed with the deadliest weapon for any 6 year old – a long stick of unknown origin … Reason: I had only made some exotic flower designs … in the drain water… with all the Haldi , Chili powder and dhania powder available in the house… quite a creative girl I was… but Dear Mom didn’t share my enthusiasm … and that day I was given the thrashing of my life…

By the time I was seven rather than being a princess I was a Gundi girl … we were staying in Jhaasi and I didn’t know much Hindi…but still I would bully the children … plan adventurous missions… and spend half of the day on trees… that was my favorite pastime… Once while I was relishing Jamuns on a Guava tree… lying on a branch which was supposed to be my throne… Snap!!! it broke… and crash!!!! I fell down 😛 but nothing could damage my spirit … so I climbed to the highest branch and thankfully it didn’t broke… but the number of red ant bites I received was enough to result in another crash!!!!

And if you are wondering if ever I studied… well my mother to this day wonders the same… usually I would sneak into the house when the sun was way below the horizon … and ask Mom if Dad has returned from work {Dad returning before me was more scary than Mom’s stick of unknown origin} … One look at me and mom would be gritting her teeth 😛 {That could be a reason behind her numerous visits to dentist 😛 } thankfully no thrashing in front of dad 😛

Eleven was the age when I badly wanted a bicycle… throwing tantrums and going on hunger strike 😛 I even used to ‘accidently ‘ leave small notes for dad which went like –
I will be very good … I will study and listen to Mummy … please give me a ladybird” 😛 …
the final straw was when I started practicing on our Helper Bhaiyya’s cycle… imagine a tiny-miny girl hanging from a big uncle-wala Atlas cycle… now the only glitch was I didn’t know how to apply brakes {which to this day I hardly use 😛 } … resulting in bruises all over me and the cycle both… finally Mom and Dad decided that they would prefer their daughter in the house rather in hospital bed… and I so got my first cycle- a Ladybird… but the accidents never ceased to happen and bruises never ceased to occur…


Wondering why all of a sudden I am looking through the hourglass … well yesterday, when me and Alo, completely exhausted, were dragging ourselves from office to home… I felt like the same 11 year old I was, coming back from school… dragging the bag and water bottle… cursing and hatching a new plan to bunk the next day … {such a careless carefree stubborn child I was 😀 } … now no one is even waiting at the dinner table anymore…

19 thoughts on “::Looking through the hourglass::

  1. You've got a nice blog going on here…kind of ironic isin't, we always look back at those memories where we haven't felt necessarily felt great at that moment in time and now feel nostalgic about it..very sweet post indeed

  2. Beautiful memories…they will last forever in your heart even when you are the one waiting on the dining table for some small naughty wonders and even at the time when you are making it sure to buy the safest bicycle available thinking MERI BAAT KUCH AUR THI.Loved reading this.

  3. Nice one. Aaahaaa, those frozen memories. At this minute, I am reminded of a Barbra Streisand song:

    Like the corners of my mind
    Misty water-colored memories
    Of the way we were

  4. oh I was a typical tomboy school time pe…i jumped from tanks, played cricket, roam around whole day etc…u reminded me of my childhood days…nice write up 🙂

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