::Kitchen & the Kurry Katastrophe::

This lovely princess from far away land who never had even come close to boil water 🙂 will earn her degree in cooking soon 🙂 (self-certified), scores could be calculated by all the zig-zag brown colored scars on her delicate fingers and arms rendered by the kunning knife and sizzling hot mustard oil 😛 …

A typical day or rather night in the kitchen – coincidentally always clashes with That’s so Raven, telecast on Disney channel… with one eye on how Raven is handling her brother , the other on the gas stove … fingers busy with knife and onions … Raven running up and down the stairs 😀 … dancing and jumping … when suddenly 😐 …
“ Raj kitni whistles gayi …“ {Raj.. how many whistles}
“huh… was that our cooker!!!” … 😛
frantically trying hard to recall all the hishhhh hishhh sounds that were noted down, by my subconscious … pleading God for the safety of the Daal inside the cooker …

When it comes to making curry, I am an egg curry expert 😀 … because that is the only one I could prepare without much disaster and injuries 😛 … by the time I pour oil in the kadhai …the TV would start singing ’Best of both worlds ‘ (Hannah Montana) … and myself would rush out with piyaaz aallu tomato or whatever to catch a glimpse of Miley and Selena fighting over the show… 😀
Rajjjj oil se dhuaa nikal raha hai ” …my wallmate would scream …

with the same speed I would rush back … only to find a dense fog over the kadhai … straight out of Alladin when Genie is preparing for its arrival … I would lower the flame … hold the kadhai …‘Ouch!!!!’ … get a cloth and hold it again… would put it under the fan and blow some air to cool it … both my wallmates would hold their head … shaking with disgust … 😛

When the oil has cooled enough I would put it back on the stove and add some mustard seeds and zeera… while I prepare to add onions… ‘Phatak’ one seed would land on my chin… and then two on my arms … playing throw’seed’ball with me … 😐
‘Who told you to stand so near the stove’ … someone would shout from behind… 😛
After adding onion, Haldi and salt … and sneaking and peeking at Miley and the Zombie Slayer actor… would realize that sugar could not be seen in the proximal distance … by the time I would come back the mixture would have mutated into a strange substance of dark brown and black 😛 … with doubts whether it is still fit for human consumption 😛 … I would again pray hard for the safety of the onions in the kadhai which could now nowhere be seen… finally after adding water and eggs my curry would be ready … ever so delici… okk well not so delicious and presentable… but edible 😛
We usually prepare rice at the end… by that time my roomie would have arrived and freshened up … its always me who would put the cooker on stove and she who would put it down… myself lost in the world of Disney and Lizzie(Hillary Duff)… how can I miss Lizzie showing one hand gymnastic… {although that has been shown for million times and will be shown for another zillion seasons but then … who cares 😛 } … my mind would be numb to perceive the difference between the whistles of two cookers … one ours and the other, of our wallmates … hish hishingggg with all the pressure build up inside them… often we would confuse and land up with half cooked rice…
With all the … ahem ahem … ‘dedicated’ ‘devoted’enthusiastic’ efforts, Princess’s Dinner would be ready … background echoing in Miley’s voice ‘Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not strong enough ‘ (another repeat telecast :P) …

18 thoughts on “::Kitchen & the Kurry Katastrophe::

  1. *nods* this is what that happens….but tell me onething…how to manage to express it soo vividly and wonderfully.????.

    btw..i should stop here…need to go and check my dal….


  2. hehe , i have a few cooking experiances(disasters) durying my school days.Since i left home for studiesjob , i never attempted it 🙁 …nyways that was a fun read 😀

  3. join de club gal…i lov egg curry and me an expert in it..but only trouble is i end up breaking at least one egg when cooking…i said at least..so imagine 😀

  4. join de club gal…i lov egg curry and me an expert in it..but only trouble is i end up breaking at least one egg when cooking…i said at least..so imagine 😀

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed that going and coming:)..I have burnt the vegetable so many times due to my reading habbit:)…..I have a open kitchen, so if I am there, I keeplooking at the TV as Big boss is coming at our dinner time:)

  6. Nice post. Going back and forth between kitchen and family room (to watch TV) makes monotonous cooking more interesting.

    In USA, cable companies give DVR (Digital Video Recorder) as part of the monthly fees. We can record upto 100 hours. You can record 2 programs at the same time. You can also rewind a live telecast. Don’t worry. It will come to India also very soon (if not already there).

    What we do is record the programs we like and watch after dinner. This way we watch our favorite programs at our own time. Also, we fast forward all the commercials.

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