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My lovely Goldfishes – Zack, Cody and Raven – have completed 1 month at yours truly’s castle … I used to leave the fan switched on in case they get suffocated 😛 … my castle is a replica of a furnace… (Go Green volunteers please don’t murder me… I did it with the kindest intention of saving three lives ) but then the assistant of our house broker once saw that and switched off the electricity supply to my room… and threatened heavy fine if its repeated… Grrrrrr …now each night after office I rush home and before switching on the light I switch on the fan…


This weekend watched another Korean movieAlmost Love… a lovely story of love and friendship … that reminds me, my wallmate is getting married this feb… her fiancé stays in South Korea… hmmm I could see a new channel to obtain Korean movies…
Finished reading The Lost Symbol, and I am still not able to detach myself from the world of symbols… his books make history so lively and enjoyable… the first thing I did when I had read Da Vinci Code was to check ‘The Last supper’ and this time I actually studied Melacholia I … such power and magic Dan Brown has wielded through his words…

Sister dear has freed her two toads – Newton and Einstein – because for continuous 2-3 days she had nightmares in which the toads were chasing her 😛 maybe trying to eat her up … poor sister… she had a round table conference with her friends regarding her dream and after many brainstorming sessions they decided to free the frogs, for the well being of one and all…. Froggie ne raato ki neend chura li 😛

Bike Rider has got a new interest… rather an incurable obsessing interest … first her name was Kitty… then Leena and now Jenny… Gosh!!!! yesterday it was heights when he said … let me see her picture one more time… and he even dreamt about her twice… Grrrr… ever seen a girl jealous of a Bike… that’s me… he’s going gaga over his ‘soon-will-buy ‘ new bike – Avenger – which has given me nightmares … now tell me one thing… how can an Avenger be of feminine gender 🙄 … and how on earth will the name Jenny suit an Avenger 🙄

10 thoughts on “A little this & that

  1. Hey!!

    Landed here via ur comment on my post and have read my way backwards from the last to the first post! Nice blog u have here 🙂 Loved a lot of the poetry.. Keep writing and do u mind if I blog roll you? hope u don't cuz I'm goin to 🙂

  2. Yet to read the Lost Symbol. I've received mixed opinions of it.

    And you'll be surprised at what we guys can name our bikes and cars. I've once jointly owned an Apache called Suzie and currently own a 118NE which probably looks more muscle than a normal car and her named Jenny.

  3. Nice 'this and that'. The Lost Symbol was really really awesome.

    I studied the map of Washington DC and the Melacholia I and also some bits of FreeMasonry. 🙂 Dan Brown does keep the reader hooked to the book.

  4. U r naming ur gold fish… so nice.. :))

    and then is the book 'The lost symbol' is good??

    many said its resembles much of Da Vinci code.. so I postponed the reading of it…

    and how you all taking care of toads.. it will be difficult, I guess..

  5. Nice post. Nice to know "this and that" from you. Almost Love is a good Korean movie. I have seen that movie. Director Lee Han has done a superb job. The first half is very amusing.

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