[55 Fiction-3rd Position] :: Her Last Breath::

Darkness was threatening to consume her.

Echoing in her ears were lullabies once sung by her mother. Torturous pain seared through the tiny mass as someone pulled her leg. Ruthlessly she was dragged out in her final moments.


Murdered by betrayal.

“Abortion successful”.

** Won 3rd place in 55 Fiction Writing contest by The Colors Magazine

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** It is my first work of fiction and first ever 55 fiction 🙂

17 thoughts on “[55 Fiction-3rd Position] :: Her Last Breath::

  1. Congratulations on the award Rajlakshmi. Even though this is only a fiction, I am struggling to find proper words to express my deep sorrow.

  2. Hey this was one of the best 55-fictions i have come across 🙂
    Really thoughtful post yaar….

    love ur blog 🙂
    u have a new follower 🙂

    keep blogging

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