Red necked Slytherns & 99legged centipede

Continued from my encounters with Lizzies and Spideys

Let me introduce Centy the Centipedes… I despise them… hate them… no doubt the feeling is reciprocated and when one day one of its specie landed on my study table… in extreme fury I broke one of its leg… {no not with my bare hands}… little did I realize the revenge that awaited me or rather my whole family…

Now this handicapped Centy could have been a Superstar or some kind of Guru in its Centy community …  😛 by making it 99 legged, the curse of the Centys befall upon me… gradually these red slimy creatures started making appearances everywhere… and one afternoon, a Centy almost committed suicide in our Dal … making us realize the fact that our house was literally taken over by them… five on floor, ten in bathroom… fifteen in kitchen… twenty five on walls and ceiling … it was raining centipedes… a Silent Revenge they had planned upon us … 😐

Once I caught one and before rolling into a ball it was maliciously rubbing its hand or feet or whatever… laughing at out pitiful situation… Mom helpless, Dad careless… and daughter would fall senseless if it’s found wrapped around the bathroom towel 😛 … The respite came when Dad got transfer… ya we finally succumbed to Centy’s authority after 3 months ordeal and left for Jorhat… my home town. 🙂

But the ghost of past returned 😐 … and entered the new uninvited and most prominent guest in our house … responsible for maximum chaos and commotions ever created in our household … the Red Necked Rat Eating snakesThe Slytherns… 😛

Once upon a time, our house was owned by Salazar Slytherin … or so I presume 😛 … he went but left behind a thousand Slythern families 😐 … who never fail to give us surprise visits … which usually is followed by shrill girlish scream 😀 (That’s mom… she could beat any girl in girlish screams) … hussle-tussle-scuffle… utensils falling everywhere 🙄 … and then the strong pungent scent of Phenol… Mom keeps one ready, just for the Slytherns … the background would echo with fierce barking of my dog Tiger… the dual between Tiger and Slytherns is watch worthy… specially when both try to bite each other 😛 … but it’s a pity to see these creatures melt in Phenol…

Some say Lord Shiva reside in our house 🙄 … and others are sure of the fact that immense treasure lies hidden, beneath our house… 🙄 whatever the cause may be… the unwanted visitors still visit… adding a little zing in our otherwise stagnant life 😛

Well, atleast we don’t have to chase Jumbo Elephants at night 😛 … saving both our fields and ourselves … that’s what my uncles do… chasing away Elephants from the fields, which most of the time is destroyed by them… But what poor Elephants could do… the area is near a wild life sanctuary and people have illegally encroached upon the territory which belong to the Jumbos… nowhere to go, they attack humans…

** These days I am acting as a Godmother of three cute little Gold fishes… named Zack, Cody and Raven😀 the bigger one Raven is always chasing after the little ones… would welcome any suggestion on how to maintain them. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Red necked Slytherns & 99legged centipede

  1. You have very interesting experience. Since you had a handicapped centepede, i am reminded of this joke.

    What has 50 legs and cannot walk?

    Half a centepede!

  2. quite an adventurous life:)..Once I also lived, rather twice in places where snakes were very common and scared of them, but then one gets used to:)..but I loved that lush greenery all around me.

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