Lizzie lizard and 99legged centipede

Had your nape ever experienced a soft tickling … trailing down your back along the spinal code … by the smooth and tiniest fingers of a black Lizard … or the red-necked-rat-eating snakes threatened to take over your house or did the centipedes ever took revenge on you ?? … 😛

Disclaimer: Before going any further please make sure you are not hungry … this post may , unintentionally though, have disastrous effect on your appetite.

It was the season of Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge…my tiny self was enjoying in the balcony… watching the moon, breeze in my hair…smile on my lips 🙂 … we were going out to watch the movie…
“Chalo Raj lets go …”
 with an extra skip in my walk and a flick of my hair I opened the balcony door… and then it happened…
 What’s that!!#!???! and then
What’s that inside my shirt!???!!&&!!#!!

Mortified is a word too small to describe my mental status… and a statue would have been put to shame by my stillness… then started the tingling, from the nape along the curve of my backbone…I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh… Petrified… Scandalized…voice locked inside … time stood still for me… fortunately my shirt wasn’t tucked in so it managed to escaped… shaking and shivering…I caught a glimpse of it as it crawled away … a black colored lizard… Lizzie

That was my first encounter with Lizzie 🙂 …and later on to this day its descendants have diligently continued what started in that lovely ‘goosebumpy’ evening 😛 … our meetings are very unusual which usually ends in some ear-piercing-blood-curling-glass-shattering conversations… either it will land straight on my beautiful head… two at a time…or just as am about to rest my lovely self… it will somersault on my pillow… side-by-side… face-to-face… eye-to-eye…

I used to sleep under mosquito net… covering myself from head to toe … and hair too … afraid… what if they start displaying their acrobatic talent on my lovely face … :O

If lizards were not enough spiders and roaches also started crossing my path … Mind you the spiders in my house are the size of my palm … {its another story that my sister used to catch and pet them…} maybe the young Lizzies taught their jumping tactics to young Spideys and Roachys too 😐 … and marked me as their dummy for practice …

They had this strange affinity to my food … {one kid-roach was found in the tea I was drinking, it was too late I had already finished half of it}… spiders landing on my lunch plate… innumerable afternoons I have gone without food… and the worms in cabbages always found my lunch to feed on 😛

And then came the ultimate encounter… The revenge of the centipedes… 😛

…. To be continued

11 thoughts on “Lizzie lizard and 99legged centipede

  1. what an encounter with the world of centipedes!! :)and what a way to describe it! u cud think of donating it to the glittering world of fascinations – why not make a mov out of it!

  2. Just two days back,I had a near death experience with a lizard;)
    Was silently watching tv at the dead of night when something heavy fell on me.I shoved it away thinking it to be an insect,although its weight made me feel a bit different.
    And when I put on the light.lo behold a heavy lizzie(as u say)was smiling at me.
    And as they say the rest is history:)


  3. Lizards make my skin crawl! Even thinking about them! Somehow, a couple of lizards have managed to land on my hot cup of coffee. Not the most pleasing thing to see and definitely not the most pleasing thing not to see!

  4. Nice post. Liked it. Many people would say lizards are harmless. Except if they are come into contact with lizards themselves. It is like, other people saying, it is only a minor operation. Yah, as long as it is not for them.

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