[Memories]~Weird Life of Smarty Siblings

I called my brother yesterday, just to check if I missed any crazy episode from his life. Well,  he never disappoints me in that department. He has got a new pet now – A Great Dane … that Scooby-doo type of dog, that too in his hostel room. For those who don’t know,  my brother is studying veterinary science and lives in a cramped hostel room. The dog is pricey too,  costing around 60K, and  was bought by his college senior. Now my bro is acting like it’s official Dad – feeding, roaming, and spending a good chunk of his monthly pocket money on its welfare.
Like a good sister I tried to cajole him out of this affair but he refused to oblige. Instead bribed me with future Great Dane puppies. Well, the prospect of having a Scooby Doo in my home actually stopped me from further debating the topic.  But today I found out, through my Khabari sister that the dog has got Glaucoma. He’s blind. I actually felt quite good about my brother. Huh,  he’s kind…  who would have thought. 😂
When you have two veterinary students in your home, you need know the most expletive curses to curse them,  specially when they think that “Gallus gallus ” is a far better way to call a Hen. You have no idea how many times gallus gallus features in our conversation. I have sworn to call their future kids gallus gallus.
There’s a whole world of scientific names that is ‘Kala akshar bhais barabar for me’ and my smarty air-headed siblings seem to excel and know only that language. If I had stayed another month with them I would have got a first class degree in Veterinary Sc. They would hardly utter a word that could be understood by common people. As if it’s forbidden.
“That is called Pennisetum pedicelatum … it should be fed to Bovines…”
It sounded like a curse that Harry Potter could have been used to kill Voldemort.
Bewildered, wide eyed – that’s the expression my family wears around them.
Last Bihu my sister came home with her scalpels and other weapons in search of animal parasites. While returning from a relative’s house she saw a dead creature near the road and insisted on taking it home for practicing dissection. My Dad was horrified at the mere idea of carrying the dead remnants inside his beautifully maintained car. He pressed on the accelerator and sped off.
Their adventures don’t end there. Every day a new comedy unfolds.
Be it getting kicked by cow in practical room,
or locking horns with bull,
or getting a finger chewed by the favorite horse,
or treating a blind owl and exchanging it for a cat,
or the obsession to have Tarantula as a pet – the only thing that has prevented my sister  from doing so is the unavailability of the food for Tarantula in Guwahati Pet shop.
The butchers near veterinary college are super skilled at extracting the digestive and reproductive system of goats, because that’s where my sister and her classmates get the material to be used for practicals.
Early morning the students of veterinary college could be seen wandering out and about Khanapara,  looking for parasites and the likes, to be submitted as class assignment.
They would obviously compare their adventures with my life, which consisted of only two things – a box and a keyboard. And the only terminology common between us was Mouse.
That’s my sister, sewing a goat’s ear,  I believe. 
life of veterinary students - girl treating goat
This is the life of veterinary students. And I envy these two so much.

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13 thoughts on “[Memories]~Weird Life of Smarty Siblings

  1. Oh wow, Raj! So proud you must feel to have such darling siblings! I loved, and enjoyed reading about the curses you have learnt (hehehe) and the curses you could have learnt had you been a Vet student! And, yes, all those bhaari-bharkam words that Harry Potter might use…I forgot that word already! How DO they remember it all!
    Super post, Raj!

  2. I saw my future in this post, Raj. I really really enjoy reading your siblings’ tales. 😀 The firstborn too is crazy about dogs and animals. She too has interest in veterinary sciences and aspires to become and IFS. The only thing that keeps her at a distance from me is that I am not allowing a dog in the house.
    I couldn’t stop laughing at the dead creature in the car thought. My stomach aches. 😀 And what a lucky butcher that he can sell off the remainings too. 😀 Such a funny post to read. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Love to see Great Dane in action. Wow ….. You are sister is a veterinary doctor. That’s awesome. My dad wanted me to become a veterinary doctor but I chose to become a Computer Engineer.

  4. This was so much fun to read. 🙂 You know what, I really judge people by the way they treat animals. And in your family, you are blessed to have such kind hearted souls.

  5. This reminded me of James Herriot, or perhaps Gerald Durrell. I had no clue being a Vet student could be so adventurous, or for that matter – being a Vet students sibling.

  6. Your sibling tales are always hilarious! But what kind hearted souls they are 🙂 Being a veterinary doctor is not easy and they seem to positively thrive on this. You are blessed, Raj, for having such a wonderful family and we are blessed to be able to read about them 🙂

    Lots of love and share more stories about them okay?

  7. I pity thee. the docs of all variety it seems are genuinely off their rockers, losing their marbles sometime in the dissection lab!!

  8. well i’m very dissappointed….u didn’t mentioned abt ashley and cashley my dearest snails.oh! guess wat my friend’s snail has become a mother. today in the morning we saw a clutch of tiny snails.first we thought it to be a blob of shit. but after a close look and rupturing few shells and finding a jelly kind of substance in our hand we gave the diagnosis. we are now going to nuture them and later do the breeding. well after finishing our celebration i ran back to my room to see if my snails have done such a miracle? well i didn’t find any clutch but confronted a bitter truth that my snails can never become parents as both of them are males!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!poor me!

    well sister darling let me correct some spelling mistakes io find in your blog which a true vet cannot digest. first spelling is veterinary not vetenary, 2nd its pedicelatum not pedifelatum.
    plz be careful next time.

    well these days my snail’s little ecosystem have become a breeding ground of mosquitoes which has become a menace for me and for my snails. to improve the condition and to protect myself from malaria i’ve comeout with a great idea which is i’m going to rear 2 tadpoles in my small basin along with snails.they’ll eat the mosquitoes be friends with ashley and cashley and later be my frog princeand also complete my sweet little family. wats say? great idea nah!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. animal loving siblings!!!….lolz…but u must have improved your ‘animal-gyan’ over the years.

    ” digestive system of the goat from the butcher and submitted it for the assignment “…too much…hehe..

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