[Im Tagged]~Random Questions

1. What are your initials?

2. What is your favorite thing to wear?
love to roam about in my shorts and tops… only at home though 😛

3. Last thing you ate?
sara hua office ka khana… wuaaakkk

4. Favorite recording artist?
Taylor Swift… Celine Dion

5. What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
Sleeping… it was still good night for me…

6. Last person you hugged?
hmmm… my roomies… I gave them a big tight suffocating-neck-throttling hug … which they struggled to escape…

7. Does anyone you know want to date you?
ahhh… a lot of them… when I was in college… but after I got engage, demand declined … sigh!!!!

8. The last place you went out to dinner?
Anand Bhavan… to have Chola -Bhatura

9. What were you doing 60 minutes ago?
Coding… defect fixing…

10. Why are you still up?
Because if I sleep my manager will kick me… into Bay of Bengal

11. When were you last outside?
Yesterday, for work.

12. Favorite type of food?
I love Momos…. yummyyyy

13. Favorite holidays?
All holidays are my favorite… whether its diwali holi or Saturday Sunday… you feel its importance only after you start working… and that also in IT…

14. Do you care if your socks are dirty?
I can’t wear smelly socks …

15. What is on your bedroom floor?
my suitcase… hehehe

16. What is the last thing you drank?
Water… lots of it…

17. Have you ever bungee jumped?
No… but I want to….

18. Have you ever gone white-water rafting?

19. Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you?
huh… not yet 😛

20. Can you play an instrument?
I used to play harmonium… but that was like ages ago… now I only know how to play keyboards… to write codes…

21. Hows the weather right now?
Hot Hot Hottttt….

22. What are you listening to right now?
click clack of keyboards

23. What is your current favorite song?
Love Story-Taylor Swift…

24. What was the last movie you watched?
The sisterhood of travelling pants

25. Do you wear contacts?

26. Where was the last place you went besides your house?

27. Who was the last person you drove with?
Lots of strangers… in auto actually

28. How many piercings do you have?
two… in each ear

29. How many pets do you have?
1 dog… at home…

30. What time did you go to sleep last night?
2-3 may be…

31. What do you usually order from Starbucks?

32. Have you ever fired a gun?
yes… those small Diwali guns LOl

33. Favorite TV show?
Hannah Montana…

34. Who would you like to see right now?
My parents …

35. When was the last time you saw your dad?
2 Months back

36. Favorite flower?
Daisy, tulips, roses…

37. Butter, plain, or salted popcorn?

38. What magazines are you reading?

39. Has anyone you were close to passed away recently?

40. What’s something that really bugs you?

41. Do you like Michael Jackson?
Only his dance

42. Where would you like to retire?
Retire!!!! Never gave it a thought…

43. Favorite IPL and EPL team?

44 Favorite cereal?
Cerelacs…. LOL.

45. What’s the longest time you’ve gone without sleep?
Don’t remember… maybe during exams…

46. Do you believe in love at first sight?

47. What did you do for your last birthday?
gave a party in Acendas…

48. Who was your last phone call?
My friend… telling her my Address…

49. How many years at your current job?
1.5 years

50. Closest green object to you?
My water bottle… which 1 hour ago spilled water on my keyboard :)…

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