Cat Eye Tabiz, Bhavishya Darshan and Other Bakwas!!

Disclaimer: The contents are solely my observation and views. No offence meant to anyone.

This time at home I watched a lot of  comic stuffs on TV,  telecast on most of the channels, along with other teleshopping gibberish.

Picture this – a little cute kid is playing with his grandmother and mother. DHANG comes their Buri Nazar wali (evil eyed) Neighbour.

Ohh how cute and healthy is your child”, she says.

TIUU TIU TIUUU – evil rays emanates from her eyes and engulfs the poor baby. The baby starts crying for no reason, non-stop, for days on. The mother and grandmother are at their wits end to find a cure. Then our poor grandmother is informed about CAT EYE TABIZ. She happily ties it around the child. The baby stops crying. She ties it on all her family members, thus saving them from anyone’s buri nazar.

Not only this with every Cat Eye Tabiz you would get one 3-D Nazar Raksha Yantra to be kept in your house or in workplace. It would protect the house from buri nazar wale.

Picture this – a very successful businessman, say Rahul, is visited by his friend. Rahul starts counting some money in front of his friend. Again evil rays emanate from his friend’s eyes and engulfed Rahul’s hardearned money. From that time onwards Rahul’s business starts dwindling, clouded by losses each day, he seeks the power of Cat Eye Tavlbiz.  And hangs 3-D Nazar rakhsha locket in his workplace. Now he’s no longer affected by buri nazar.

So you see,  if you are suffering in your job,  you now know what to buy.

I was obviously  in splits laughing my heads off, marveling at the commercialization of people’s sentiment, raking money in the name of superstition.

Then there is Shiv Shakti yantra, which is claimed to have blessings from Lord Shiva himself. And  if you buy it, all your wishes, desires… blah blah.. would be fulfilled. Your ailments would disappear, you would never suffer from any illness. Sukh, Sampati and Saubhagya will follow you (happiness, wealth and good luck).

And the Ultimate one is LAL KITAAB (red Book) which has complete information about your past, present and future. FUTURE!!!! now that is interesting and you could even order for Bhavishya Darshan Audio-Cd .

I didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. One day I am really going to order all of these and make my life utterly delughtful and buri nazer free.

The models selling these products would appear either dressed as Maa Shakti or Shiv Bhakt, advocating the advantages of each item, with examples!

I was simply flabbergasted at the crap shown in a medium like TV,  which could have been utilized to get rid of superstition In India. I am surprised that they don’t  feel their responsibility towards society.

3 thoughts on “Cat Eye Tabiz, Bhavishya Darshan and Other Bakwas!!

  1. HAhahaha….what a hilarious post, Raj! I was in splits, laughing “my” head off reading this post! And, I so loved all the audio effect you have added….tiuuu tiuu tiuuuuuuu….dhanggg!!! Bwahahahahah…can’t stop laughing!
    But, seriously, who DOES watch this trash? I also pity the poor souls who get carried away and go spend their hard earned money on all this crap! These are the shows that should be banned and look what our Government bans…!

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