[Memoirs]~Little Sweet, Little Salty

20 years have passed by since storks brought a little devil to reside with us … sleeping next to Mom … challenging my sole authority. How my emotions have evolved since then … from why-he-is-there-in-my-house to when-will-I-see-him-again… surviving thousand childish fights… sharing our moments of foolery… laughter … and ‘secret missions’ … over the years, the bond has strengthened… reached unfathomable depths … the bond between Me and my brother, Anurag …

Looking down the memory lane … the moments reflecting back are those of fierce battles between God of Thunder (myself-Thursday born) and God of Victory (bro – Tuesday born) … one armed with a plastic chair , other with a wooden desk … aiming with high precision to break each other’s fuming head …
Moments when we would stuff ourselves with Everyday MilkPowder …while one of us would guard the kitchen door …( it took some time, for mom to solve the Mystery of Disappearing Milkpowders.)
Moments of foolery when we would hide under the bed , or inside the cupboard, just to watch “Tahkikaat” and “Ek se barker Ek” … when my sis would do all his homework and his teacher used to wonder how similar are their handwriting … (and when he actually started doing his homework, his teacher didn’t believe that it was his work … )

We were a bunch of mischief makers … creating havoc in the already chaotic State … to this date his room looks like a war-ravaged area … clothes all over the place… walls plastered with Disney cartoons and Sania Mirza … my parents didn’t have the heart to change it even after he left for hostel …

Dad is supposed to stay for few days in his hostel … yesterday, the whole night he cleaned his room, removing the spider webs, cramming all the dirty clothes into his roomies cupboard … last time when Dad visited him, he washed all his clothes …

Since both my brother and sister are in the same college, every morning she would make him Horlicks and sandwiches (to the extreme jealousy of his classmates) and soup and chowmien in the evening … and my dearest brother would simply gorge down the delicacies and send her his lab-coat for washing as an acknowledgement ….

On 28th Feb he is celebrating his birthday… another wish through cellphone… I don’t remember when was the last time I wished him face-to-face … neither I remember the last Rakhi which I tied on his wrist … all these years my sis would tie him two Rakhis …

As expected, this year also he wants a heavy gift – nothing should be half-half … like shirt without trousers … socks without shoes … and there won’t be second when I am not reminded that he is my only brother… Sometimes I am myself surprised how every time I entertain his childish demands … well, maybe that’s what brothers are for … buttering you to the extent of stupidity …

Though his teenage days are over, for me he is still that little naughty brother whom I used to bully… who once tried to save me from rain … whose hair I used to oil under the sunny sky… who once stayed all the day on the roof.. scared… because I was furious at him….

Though miles have limited us… we are still tied by the umbilical cord of little-sweet-little-salty memories … showered by destiny, to be cherished till Eternity
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5 thoughts on “[Memoirs]~Little Sweet, Little Salty

  1. my eyes hav become heavy,
    and i’m speechless
    i think nobody can describe us except us(we 3 siblings),
    u hav done ur job,
    its my turn now,
    we both luv u d way u love us,
    next time check ur blog…
    there’ll b something on u soon.
    we both miss u n remember u a lot.
    the best of all sisters in the world
    u’re the no.1.
    luv u swthrt. hav fun.

  2. The fights with my sister was like warriors in a war….absolute gory and my little sis had to stand as witness only…once i had my head broken from a prjectile wooden piece hurled at me :D….
    still I like eating milk powder, its meant to be taken wholly and I prefer it not to be adultered with water or tea 😉

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