7 Wanderlust postcards

A walk near the Pyrmont Bridge park, on a wintery evening. The cold breeze carressed my hair as I walked towards the waterfront, that provided a brilliant view of the Sydney harbour bridge.

“A still more glorious dawn awaits, not a sunrise, but a galaxy-rise, a morning filled with 400 billion suns, the rising of the milky way” – Carl Sagan
I keep going back for more, although not so frequent during the winter months. To watch a sunrise at Clovelly beach,  on a partially clouded morn,  is one of my favorite experiences in Sydney.

Standing here,  I feel like I own a castle. But in reality, its a custom house at La Peruse with so much history attached to it.

La perouse

I have never loved the color green so much before. My eyes could hardly believe how rich and vibrant the trees looked in the quaint village of Mount Wilson.

Mount Wilson

When you find a rock, in the shape of the map of Australia. I wonder how this would have been formed, in this corner of Narooma. Interesting isn’t it?

Nepean river quietly flowed down below,  through the forest,  in the Blue Mountains National Park. The Valley spread endlessly, from one end to another, till the horizon. The hike to Rock Lookout is easy,  but the views are hard to forget.

Gerringong is a poetry in itself, the kind of beautiful that immediately transfers into a smile and is reflected in the twinkle of the eyes. Although, it can get cold and extremely windy here.  The sound of crashing waves echo around the rollings hills, while the wind carries the hustle of the trees.

Gerringong travel photo

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  1. How gorgeous all your locations are, Raj! Loved the settings and your beautiful descriptions. Can see why Sydney life treats you so good.

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