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I have been sick the last few weeks and that meant I had to take time off from work too. Me being me, I spent all that time doing the things I love (which didn’t require much movement) – reading, drawing, painting and lots of eating πŸ™‚

Presenting before you 7 artworks I made recently.


Watercolors and some lettering

The idea behind this one was to create a milky way effect, but I ended with something that looks like a nebulous gas in some far away galaxy.

As soon as I finished inking this one, my finger smudged a T here – damn! Talk about being clumsy!

Pretty in Pink

The camellias in my garden accessorised it quite well πŸ™‚ This one is a simple sketch done with pencil colors and gel pens.


A brand new Zentangle-Inspired work. I would soon write a separate post on it, along with some videos too.

Believe in something Wonderful


You must have already seen this one in my previous post 


“How to be a Bawse” by Lily Singh aka Superwoman is my current read and it deserves a whole new bookmark on its own.


The girl looks kinda scary because I was watching American Horror Story, and that is one psycho drama. Gosh!!

I am really new to watercolors, so you will have to bear with me till I reach a point when the artworks start to look decent πŸ˜›

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18 thoughts on “7 Art Ideas

  1. Hey turmeric girl, hope you are up and about. Love all the fantastic artwork. Your zentangles are getting me all excited to give ’em a try. I used to paint eons ago and that itch does crop occasionally. But invariably I am either stuck with dried up paints or no stationery!

  2. Wow Rajlakshmi! I love the art work you’ve done! Especially Cosmos – it’s ethereal. I am yet to read Bawse, love watching Lilly’s hilarious videos. You’ve got me hooked… going to be tracking your art and creativity now on πŸ™‚

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