[3D Origami Panda]::The Art of folding a paper::

3D Origami Panda

The base is made of 18 triangles πŸ™‚ a total of 250 plus triangles.

Made it with the help of instruction videos from You Tube – click here (Thanks jewellia)
Recycled paper, colored black and red with crayons.

Panda enjoying a ride in my Car πŸ˜€
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11 thoughts on “[3D Origami Panda]::The Art of folding a paper::

  1. that's fantastic work Raji…kudos to your patience.
    PS: I m just catching up with all the unread posts, slowly!
    Hope all is well your side πŸ™‚

  2. Amazing work! Just wanted to know, are you possessive about your creative origami work or you share it with family and friends, considering, it takes immense patience and hard work in creating one!

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